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  1. gravebelly

    gravebelly Member

    I want to thank anyone in advance for help. I think i am correct but want to make sure. I have the note 2 and wife has galaxy 3. We both love the s beam feature which we love for music and pictures. Can i gift her any of my google play money that i have on my phone? I have everything i want app wise. I have not found any clear answer and i think it is a no go. Anyone here gifted say 5 or 10 google bucks from your phone to someone else? Just wanted to surprise her. This should be a feature in the works on all android google devices imo. Yes i know we have gift cards but i already reedem my card not really needing it. Thanks again for any help but i am sure answer is no you cannot. Happy new year!! Sorry for any typos on my phone typing fast.:)

  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Hey gravebelly!
    I moved your thread here so others can help out.
  3. Rxpert83

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    I don't think you can. And I'm 99% sure you wouldn't be able to sbeam it because that's a Samsung proprietary feature so I don't see Google incorporating that into the market.

    Spend it on some music or watch some play store TV/movies together :)
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  4. gravebelly

    gravebelly Member

    I knew the sbeam would not work. I just wish i could email or find another way to gift. Cannot find any music I am a 20 year collector and also play. I have tons of music and I cannot even count. I am taking a record player and converting some songs in mp3. Not a whole lot of movies out that I have not seen but I am sure something is out there. Thanks anyways for the reply maybe I will find some cool app or just save it for another app in the future. :)

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