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  1. mouez1996

    mouez1996 New Member

    Hi everyone .
    I have a big problem downloading apps from the app store (i don't know if this is where i should post) when I want to download an app, it downloads really slow,like 5kbits. But sometimes it works well. I have to try 10000000 times to get an app. I tried clearing cache, data,reinstalling updates,backup the phone... And nothing changed. PLLEEEAAASE HELPPPP.
    galaxy s2. Stock . Apex launcher ics. Many games. Ty

  2. duno

    duno Member

    I have noticed the same problem recently. Tried searching the internet for the latest news/reports about this issue, and yours is by far the latest. Sometimes the download works fine, sometimes it is capped at about 4KB per few seconds (even minutes!). Clearing cache didn't work for me either. Hope to find a solution for this.

    HTC One X (Stock)
  3. pandata

    pandata Member

    Wireless or data plan ?
  4. duno

    duno Member

    I'm afraid I am currently using 3G internet for daily web activity, including downloading/updating on Play Store. But even with strong signal, the download is still slow. Web surfing works fine at acceptable 3G speed.
  5. INvinter23

    INvinter23 Well-Known Member

    Maybe the servers are just overloaded or they are performing an update. It happens because there are more and more people using the Play store on the browser as well as on the phone. This should go back to normal in a few days or less.

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