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  1. 215911

    215911 New Member

    i keep getting the message that my application Google play store has stopped unexpectedly, please try again. I do try but it never opens??? I'm clueless. LG Optimus V. Please help

  2. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Uninstall it (it will only uninstall updates, not the entire app), and then click on it from your app drawer (or homescreen.. where ever you have it). It will update when you run it again.

    Theoretically that should fix it.
  3. mikeca

    mikeca Well-Known Member

    It may have been down earlier today. I got several " no connectivity" messages when I was both ln wifi and later on 3g. Just seemed very glitchy but booted right back up. Working fine now.

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