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Google play videos to iTunes?

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  1. Mountaindewbas

    Mountaindewbas New Member

    So I have been a big follower of iTunes for a very long time. Due to this my house is rigged with Apple tvs to stream the purchased content to all the tvs in the home. Because I'm a pc and droid fan I wanted to step away from iTunes and go with Google stuff. The issue is trying to get purchased Google video stuff into iTunes to stream to tvs. Does anyone know of how to do this? If not I'll just keep buying videos from iTunes and remove the drm to put them on my phone.. I just thought it easier to support Google.


  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Think that's what you'll have to keep on doing. I'm sure the Google Play movies are restricted to Android devices, and iTunes Store movies are restricted to iOS devices. That's why I call it Digital Restrictions Management. :rolleyes:

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