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  1. spiritbear0

    spiritbear0 Member

    Hi all,

    quick question on Samsung 551 (Bell Canada) froyo 2.2 - when I add the Google Search Widget to my homesreen it shows up, but i can't click IN it. It just highlights orange and doesn't do anything else - i cannot type any text in it.

    When I try the Go Launcher Google Search widget, (from Market) it does the same thing, but just dims the screen.

    The only one which works is the Google "Black" search widget from the Market..but it's not the one I want to use.

    Any clues?



  2. spiritbear0

    spiritbear0 Member

    Hi Mahni

    Mine does not work. After I click on the search box, it just glows orange and nothing happens.

    The one (default) when i click Widget is a grey widget with blue "g" in it and says "Search". This doesn't work.

    After I download the new Google+ from Market, there is an blue widget and it says "Google Search". This one works fine.

    So why do i have to get Google+ just to get Search widget working. Why doesn't the default one with grey widget work?



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