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google services draining battery on SGS2?Support

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  1. cr4zyjay

    cr4zyjay Member

    Hi all,

    I've had the sgs2 for a month now and all has been perfect with the phone in terms of usage and battery life. I have rooted it with super 1 click so the rom is still (i guess) non custom and the standard one that comes with the phone.

    At the time around a month ago right after the root i got set cpu, autokiller memory optimizer, and root app killer. I set these apps up and on root app i disabled all the junk that comes on the phone such as the sims game and monopoly and so on.

    All was fine until this morning. I called up my network provider to get my voicemail activated and i noticed that 30 mins after the call i had no data signal icon showing, and my battery had dropped by 50% or so and it was fully charged from the morning (around 4 hours before I called the network provider).

    I checked the battery status and noticed google services running and taking up 18% of the battery usage. Didnt seem much but it's the only process / service that looks unfamiliar on all the times I have checked it before. I turned the phone off and back on again and it would not turn on. After 5 mins I tried again and it turned on and said the battery was down to 10%. I turned off and on again, yet again, and it said it was 41%. :S

    is google services the culprit and can anyone enlighten me on what to do?, or has some freak accident happened with my phone and is it screwed?

    I've checked the service com.google.gapps in autokiller memory optimizer and it's only like around 10MB. The only difference is that it shows up as visible app and not hidden or empty. not sure what that really means, does it mean theres a running app that's using that name as a process? If so... I have no idea what it is. I thought maybe maps and I checked and i logged out of lattitude but that defeats the whole object of using a smartphone as your satnav and daily gps!!!

    any help would be great. ty!

    update: forgot to add that the phone was super hot near the camera on the back when i noticed the battery was at 50%. after the resets and getting it to show 41% on battery the heat died down and it felt normal temperature.

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Hi, and welcome!

    I think it's a one-off anomoly, as "Google Services" normally doesn't show up. You can see it in Settings/Applications/Running services, which I suspect is what is meant by "visible" in AMO. That's expected, but I think what has happened is that one of its child processes has misbehaved, preventing the handset entering deep sleep and thus using more power than usual. The out-of-whack battery readings after the restarts are simply the internal "fuel guage" being confused, probably by this higher-than-expected drain.

    Btw, being logged-out of Latitude won't affect the use of Maps or other GPS-related apps/services.
  3. cr4zyjay

    cr4zyjay Member

    hmm so i was right then in suspecting it. so how do i get rid of it from running and showing in the battery status? i've turned the phone off and on plenty of times and it just wont go and its still running as you said in the running apps / processes.
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    That's okay - it's meant to be "running". It doesn't do much by itself, but rather controls other processes required for the likes of Gmail, Talk, Android Market etc. If you select it in the "Running services" tab you can see exactly which processes are involved.

    The thing to watch for is if Google Services appears in the "Battery usage" list again, as that's indicative of a problem with one of its child processes. In normal use these consume negligible CPU cycles and hence battery.
  5. perryibanez

    perryibanez Member

    I know this is 3months old but this guy had exactly the same problem i am experiencing now... I wonder if he ever found a solution D:
  6. nickst2

    nickst2 Well-Known Member

    Same here.same problem
  7. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    If Google Services is displayed in the Battery list, select it and see which "included packages" are listed. One or more of these is the culprit for the excess usage.
  8. shivermeister

    shivermeister New Member

    I am having the same problem on my transformer prime. Google services is consistenly showing up first in battery usage - anywhere from 40-52%! (Wi-fi and Screen are always next around 20-25%). Battery drain is huge - even overnight when it is supposed to be sleeping. The "included packages" listed for me are: "Google Bookmarks Sync," "Google Account Manager," "Google Services Framework," Google Contacts Sync," and "Network Location."

    So if "one or more of these is the culprit," what do I do to fix them? I found all of them under the apps menu in settings and did a force stop of each with no fix. I also turned google sync off and on with a reboot to see if that would work but it didn't. I assume I should not "disable" any of these as functionality would be lost, right?

    One more thing, in my Better Battery Stats app (which I am not yet smart enugh to use to its full potential I don't think) "LocationManagerService" from the android system has a full bar (17.6 percent) on partial wakelocks and no other has more than 4.3 percent.

    One more thing, in case it matters, my prime is not rooted - stock from top to bottom. I appreciate any help or possible solutions. Thank you!
  9. shivermeister

    shivermeister New Member

    Update: I did try to disable "Google Bookmark Sync" and it did not fix my problem. In fact, after I did this, it still showed up in the "Included packages.

    The other problem I have now is that "Google Bookmark Sync" no longer shows up in my "all apps" menu. Which means I cannot seem to enable it again. How will I accomplish this? I just assumed I would be able to open Bookmarks Sync again in the apps menu and hit a button that said "enable." Guess its not that simple. A little frustrated with google/android at the moment...
  10. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    LocationManagerService sounds like a problem with GPS or something...

    You signed in into Latitude app that came with the phone or something?
  11. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Good call. :)

    Sign out of Latitude, and I'll bet the problem disappears.
  12. Tighe

    Tighe Active Member

    I have having the same problem on my Galaxy Reverb. Google Services used 85% of my battery.

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