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  1. Hiya again, lol. I have another query. I have had the ace for three days now, and there has always been something running in the task manager called google services framework, which I was told was part of the software that runs the phone. For some reason, it has now disappeared, but the phone seems to be okay? Am I going to find problems soon? Thanks in advance.

  2. Waldys

    Waldys Well-Known Member

    This is something you might want to take VERY seriously.

    Google Services Framework allow the phone to connectr to google for all intents and purposes, including upgrading firmware. Without it, your phone will NEVER, EVER, EVER upgrade.

    As soon as you read this message, go to Settings > Applications (or Applications Manager), tap on the "All" tab and find the "Google Services Framework" app.

    If you are able to see that the option to "DIsable" is still active, then you are good.
    If "Disable" is not available, it means you've disabled it and you'll be stuck in that firmware forever.
  3. There is an option to 'force stop'? Is that what you mean? I can still get google on the internet too if that says anything. Thanks for the reply.
  4. MarHutchy

    MarHutchy Member

    Thanks for the info on this.

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