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  1. simmo4238

    simmo4238 Active Member

    I have had my phone factory reset by Orange and now I cannot get the apps I was using back. When I go load an app the words come up You need a Google Play Store app first. Google say there is not an app for my phone and Orange say that their is nothing they can do about it, means sending it to KTE or getting a new phone or make do with what I have. Any help would be appreciated please.

  2. CDPlant

    CDPlant Well-Known Member

  3. simmo4238

    simmo4238 Active Member

    CD Plant thank you for your reply, I tried to open the link but it came up Orange in french which I have had before and it was a lot trouble to get rid of.So I did not go any further, maybe I should have but I have decided to change the phone now. Many thanks for your help it is appreciated.

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