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Google Talk IM not working properlySupport

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  1. rsdmems

    rsdmems Member

    I have the Talk widget and I'm logged in and see my girlfriend's log in (she has it installed on her Blackberry), but when I send a message to her she doesn't receive it (even though it appears to be sent okay) and the same thing happens in reverse; i.e., she's signed in and sees me (and even my picture) but when she sends me a message I don't receive it. Does anyone have any idea as to why? Thanks.

  2. tjreishus

    tjreishus Well-Known Member

    are you logged in anywhere else? I had this problem and found that the phone I replaced was still on and the wifi was on so it was still logged in. After turning off my old phone, we still had the problem. I went into the Gtalk app > Menu > Sign out, then opened up Gtalk again (it automatically will sign you back in). Since then we haven't had any problems.
  3. rsdmems

    rsdmems Member

    The only other place I'm logged in is on my PC-- my old phone is off. I tried logging out and logging back in on the Bionic but it's still not working. I can even see the sent Bionic messages in the Google Talk on my PC, but those messages are not showing up on my girlfriend's phone (from either the PC or my Bionic), nor are hers to me showing up on either my phone or PC.
  4. rsdmems

    rsdmems Member

    I got it working... I signed out her Blackberry and signed it back in... Thanks, tjreishus, for the "sign out, sign back in" inspiration!

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