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Google talk through wifi doesn't work (but google chat on pc does)Support

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  1. globalste

    globalste New Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 29, 2010
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    First time poster here, be gentle!

    Have been reading a few of the other threads so not sure if my problem is unique or not...

    Am living in the equivalent of university accomodation with a cat5e cable internet. I have rigged up a D-link DAP-1160 to have a WAP in my room.

    Wireless works perfectly on my computer (including google chat) and perfectly for my HTC Desire. Everything except Google Talk. I get the "could not connect to server, will rety shortly".

    I have read on other forums about the TCP settings, would this be done by the main IT hub? I can't find anything on my DAP-1160 for TCP settings. If so, surely googlechat on my laptop would not work as well? Do i need to change a setting on my desire??

    Many thanks


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