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  1. tinjacode

    tinjacode New Member

    I've just released the first version of Google Tasks Organizer to the Market, and I'd love some suggestions on how to improve it.

    Here's the details for the current app, version 1.0.4:

    - Syncs with Google Tasks automatically and saves the tasks for offline use.
    - Aggregates tasks from multiple Gmail and Google Apps accounts.
    - Full task editing (name, due date, notes) and reorganizing task order (up/down, indent/unindent).
    - Sorts by lists, by due date, or by recent history.
    - Allows searching through names and notes.
    - Fully functional free trial version (no third-party ads, but it promotes the paid version with a banner and once-a-day requests to upgrade to the paid).

    In short, it provides the same functionality as Google Tasks without the browser, and it aggregates your lists from multiple accounts. Nothing too fancy yet.

    Market: market://search?q=pname:com.tinjasoft.tasks_trial
    Cyrket: Google Tasks Organizer - Trial - Cyrket

    I know there are a lot of other task list apps out there - RTM and Astrid are probably the most popular, but there's plenty others that I haven't even heard of. Each of them have different features and take a different approach to task-listing.

    ** So I'm curious - what are your favorite features in a mobile task list? I'd like to get ideas for what to add next to my app.
    And I'd really appreciate any and all feedback on the current version of Google Tasks Organizer.

  2. tinjacode

    tinjacode New Member

    I released version 1.1 today, which added a home screen widget (see below) and some improvements on user preferences.


    There's a full description of the current version on TinjaSoft.

    I'd love to hear your suggestions for improvement, ideas, reviews, complaints.

    -- John
  3. chrisadam100

    chrisadam100 New Member

    Google Tasks is one of the famous Gmail Labs features. It is out of labs and is now a full time feature. This Tasks will help you keep track of what you need to do. Its a To-Do List in your Email. It has got lot of features which will make organizing your schedules and events easy.
    You can access Tasks from the Gmail by just clicking on "Tasks" under the "Contacts" link above your chat list. This is the first Gmail labs product that is made a default option. You can check out other Gmail labs features like Preview YouTube Videos, Picasa and Flickr photos, etc

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  4. Systemgeek

    Systemgeek New Member

    I payed for this app and really like the interface on the phone. Just one question. How do I see/update my tasks when I am logged in to my gmail account via a regular computer? I do not see the task lists at all in google.

  5. tinjacode

    tinjacode New Member

    You should be able to see your Tasks lists on both your GMail inbox screen and your Google Calendar. In GMail, there's a 'Tasks' link on the left side, next to your labels (either above or below the labels). In Google Calendar, under My Calendars, you should have one called 'Tasks', which will open up your task list and show any dated tasks on the calendar.

    If you edit your tasks using Google Tasks Organizer on Android, they will need to be synced to the server before they show up in GMail or Google Calendar. By default, changes are synced instantly, but you can change this under Preferences > Sync Frequency. And you can sync manually by choosing 'Sync Now' on the options menu. You can setup what Google accounts to sync with under 'Edit Accounts', also on the options menu.

  6. Pierrot

    Pierrot New Member

    I've downloaded the Lite version on my Android 4G. Nice widget -- works well, good graphic interface. Two things: (1) I've tried several times to purchase the full version and charge it to my T-Mobile account. The "processing order" prompt just keeps going forever -- not able to complete the purchase. (2) I would like to be able to keep the list open on my Android. Each time I want to access it, I have to click on the icon. Any way around this?
  7. reinbeau

    reinbeau Klaatu barada nikto VIP Member

    Very nice interface, I'm trying it out!
  8. Atomic2Mod

    Atomic2Mod New Member

    Hi, I seem to have a problem with the syncs showing up in the widget.

    Here's the scenario:
    My spouse and I both have Android phones (Evo & Epic / Sprint). We both have access to the family Gmail account. We use it also as our shopping list, by adding items to the tasks, as we encounter the need for them, throughout the day. When one of us has time to run to the store, we check our list on the widget. But even after one of us clicks on the manual update after opening the app, the new items are often not synced to it until we add another item..

    The settings are set to Instant syncing.

    We would both like to purchase this wonderful app, if we found a way to keep the widget up-to-date.

    Thank you!

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