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  1. In what way can a google voice number be used with an eris? I see alot of people wanting a GV invite. What can be done that is so sought after?

  2. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Well-Known Member

    its gives free texts, visual voice mail and gives you a 2nd number you can connect to more then one phone line
  3. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Well-Known Member

    The best thing about it IMO is that it sends you transcripts of your VM's via text and email. I never have to call VM anymore (except to clear it out once in a while), unless the transcription is completely unintelligible which does happen on occasion. I personally don't use a GV number since my cell# is the only number I really use anyway.
  4. dhrandy

    dhrandy Well-Known Member

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