Google voice and Sipdroid

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  1. cell2011

    cell2011 Well-Known Member

    I got my phone 2.2 on it i downloaded Astro and have google voice and number also sipdroid base on there. Now what do i do for calls?

  2. cell2011

    cell2011 Well-Known Member

    I need help on this i can call from my cell to landline it rings buts thats it. I have google voice a number and gv callback and sipdroid im stuck making calls. I dont even know what the cell number is would it be the ipkall #. What is the easiest way to do this for outbound or inbound or both? Im at Sipgate dont know which is my email address or password. Where would that be?
  3. Overman

    Overman Member

    Guides Gurnted's Blog There are some good sources for a step by step instructions. I use Sipdroid on my tab. I hear people in the military and overseas use it as well. Good luck

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