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  1. dep

    dep Active Member

    Are there any good apps that also integrate with Google Voice SMS to display pop-ups like SMS PopUp? I'd like to start using the Google Voice App for text messages and all SMS but without pop-ups, it's a bit of a chore to use.

  2. JoeC

    JoeC Well-Known Member

    Why not just forward all GV text messages to your phone? Then, whatever app you normally use for texting will work normally with GV. The only difference is that you'll be using your messaging plan.

    Also, remember you can forward GV text messages via GMail, too.
  3. DocEsp

    DocEsp Active Member

    Ok, im sure this has been asked once or twice but I need verification. If I do all my texts through GV SMS, will it be charged against my Verizon texts or be considered data?
  4. johnnybirdman

    johnnybirdman Well-Known Member

    Only a charge if you have GV forward txt's to your mobile SMS (setting on the GV settings page "Voicemail & SMS" where it says:
    Send a text (SMS) message to:
    Mobile {check box}

    Hope that helps.
  5. DocEsp

    DocEsp Active Member

    Ok thanks for the reply Johnny. I also found out that I had to go into my Phones tab and uncheck the SMS settings. I was still being charged for incoming txt but not outgoing.
  6. e39e60

    e39e60 Well-Known Member

    If you have Exchange forward to there and you don't use ANY SMS. But you still get the push notifications. Send text from GV for free. In other words you could lower your text plan this way.
  7. decalex

    decalex Well-Known Member

    if anyone still checks this thread...
    an app that supports Google Voice where u can set up popups notifications..

    The dev is also working on an app specifically for Google Voice
    Here's a little post I did on the current one. It's called NotifierPro (for now)

    [APP] [OMG] Google Voice SMS Popup Notifications - xda-developers
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  8. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    Thanks, dude, nice find
  9. mamanatrix

    mamanatrix New Member

    These two are made by the same developer. The only difference between these two apps is the UI. I currently have the iPhone notifications one on my phone and really like it. The great thing about both of these apps is that it can make a popup notification for any app on your phone! I use it for Google Voice, Gtalk, Imo, and Gmail.
  10. decalex

    decalex Well-Known Member

    for sure-- I do like the iphone notifications design better, but purchased notifierpro, as it has more options available.

    I've been talking with the dev, and he is actively working on improving and tweaking. He has an actual "Google Voice notifications" app up there now.. but it's not really working well (e.g. pop up only.. no sound).

    .. which is not bad, considering he doesn't live in a country that supports Google Voice.. ;)

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