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  1. cherry314159

    cherry314159 Member

    When I try to download the Google Voice app from the market I get the error:

    There are no matches in Android market for the search:

    I have the WWE edition and I am in the USA. Is Google Voice app compatible with the Tattoo?

  2. pwabbit

    pwabbit Well-Known Member

  3. rassha

    rassha Member

  4. cherry314159

    cherry314159 Member

    Voicesearch is not the same as Google Voice. It works fine though!
  5. unofficialitguy

    unofficialitguy Active Member

    OK, so I have been trying to get google voice setup in a nice way to work on my Tattoo and once I completely figure out what the hell I did I'll be sure to post a full walkthrough.

    I tried like hell to get the apk file from anywhere online. Google would not provide the file so I decided to turn to the only other android device I had: the SDK emulator on my Mac.

    The avd I was using was modified to be able to download content from the "normal" marketplace. I downloaded and installed the Google Voice app and started to wonder if I could open the userdata.img file. luckily, I didn't have to.

    With the emulator running:
    $ ./adb devices (to get the emulator ID)
    $ ./adb -s emulator-XXXX pull /data ./ (dump the data folder to the previous directory on my computer)

    I then quit the emulator and connected my Tattoo:
    $ ./adb install

    So let me save you all the headache and simply say...

    this is where you can find the Google Voice APK file

    But I think I might be onto something that will give easier access to non-tattoo approved apps in the Market place.
  6. suni

    suni New Member

    plz tell me how to install this application manually on my htc tattoo?
  7. unofficialitguy

    unofficialitguy Active Member

    The easiest way is to actually download it directly onto your phone by opening this page up in Browser and let Android do the legwork. You have to make sure to check off Settings->Applications->Unknown Sources in the phone first though.

    That's the easiest way.The other way is by installing the SDK and using the adb application with the phone connected:

    adb install <path of application file on computer>
  8. suni

    suni New Member

    hey .... plz tell me .... by using which application i can do voice chat on my HTC Tatto ??
  9. unofficialitguy

    unofficialitguy Active Member

    Well then you're not gonna want Google voice for that. Fring for android is what you're looking for.
  10. suni

    suni New Member

    hey thanx a lot ..... i downloaded it on my htc tatttoo ...and its working gr888...
  11. suni

    suni New Member

  12. Looking4

    Looking4 New Member


    Can My Phone Be Upgraded to Android 1.6 or 2.1

    "BoostMobile is Draggin the dam Feet on this issue "
  13. Akhenaton

    Akhenaton New Member

    Now my HTC tattoo system is android2.3.5.Google Voice works well.I think you can try it.

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