Google Voice Control And Navigation Available For Optimus VSupport

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    This is an interesting application I'm trying out on the V...especially in the car...and especially for Google Navigation. It saves all that typing, especially for those (like me) who are used to a physical keyboard. There's a demo video as well. The one thing I can't find to this point is how to get a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone to work in conjunction with the Google Voice Control and Google Navigation apps.

    Just speak it: introducing Voice Actions for Android - Official Google Mobile Blog

    The speaker in the V is borderline for use with Google Navigation in the car...the Intercept is much louder and has a better speaker, and Voice Navigation works on the Intercept, although it doesn't appear to have some of the Navigation integration with Google Maps that Froyo/V does...I'm still testing this out. I can say if you want to use the V for Google Navigation with a windshield mount, be sure to test it out to see if you find it's loud enough. At the max volume setting the audio distorts pretty badly...the Intercept only needs about 60% to reach the same volume. If the phone's audio from Google Voice and Navigation could be fed back to a visor-type Bluetooth speakerphone, it would help a lot, but so far I haven't found out how...hopefully someone else will.

    All I can find on first blush is that Google says "some BT headsets may work" with the phone's Voice Dialer, but that's it.

    "If you have a Bluetooth headset that supports 'voice-recognition' or 'voicedialing,' you may be able to open the Voice Dialer by pressing your headset

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    I should add that to get the full Voice Actions app, go to the Market and look for "Voice Actions" by Pannous.
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    Just speak it: introducing Voice Actions for Android
    Thursday, August 12, 2010 | 10:26 AM
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    ? Not sure what the ? is's a link to the product info and video...soooooooooooooo
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