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  1. bunfuns

    bunfuns New Member

    Hi all,

    I've been using my google voice number for texting for quite some time. On my Samsung Galaxy II, I use GO SMS. Everything's been working fine for some years for me with my google voice setting.

    However, this morning, all my message came in as a separate message instead of group together as a conversation. Meaning, when I have text back and forth with person A, in the past all the message will be under person A's name and all the messages/thread will be group together. But since this morning, all of my messages (even from the same person) came in as single message from mulitple phone number.

    When I log into google voice online, everything's grouped and it looks fine. When I'm using the google voice app on the phone, things look fine as well. It's just messages I sent to my friends are received as separate messages from different phone number. And the message I received on GO SMS also appears to be from different phone number and hence separately.

    It looks like google voice is assigning a different phone number in every message, maybe??? Does anyone know how to fix it??

    I'm not sure why it happen like this all of a sudden. I also installed GO Launcher EX yesterday. But google voice was working fine yesterday all day, but not sure if it's related. :confused:

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!


  2. regression

    regression Well-Known Member

  3. bunfuns

    bunfuns New Member

    Yep, my problem was resolved before lunch time. Thanks!

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