Google Voice Customized Group Voicemail Greetings

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  1. revelry

    revelry Active Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I just got GV today and I'm trying to set up the customized voicemail greeting to certain groups and not having any luck. I made the greeting, it plays properly in the GV settings in a browser but when I test it from a phone in that group it stays as the default "The Google Voice subscriber you are trying to reach is unavailable..."

    Anyone else have any luck at this?

  2. gabbott

    gabbott Well-Known Member

    This posting at the google forums might help:

    How can I get my recorded voicemail to play instead of generic google voice message? - Google Voice Help

    It gives a few specific tips:

  3. patch321

    patch321 Well-Known Member

    way off topic i'm sure. can someone pm me for an invite of google voice? i can invite to google wave if interested.
  4. fireburster

    fireburster Active Member

    Had to stop using my google voice since sprint counts it as a landline. Loved having though.
  5. revelry

    revelry Active Member

    Did you get it to work gabbot? I'm still not having any luck! I'll get some sleep and try again tomorrow.

    WARNING! Do not try this after being awake 17 hours with 5 hours of sleep!

    Sorry patch, I used the Google Voice for Students invite so I don't have any to give.
  6. gabbott

    gabbott Well-Known Member

    Hrmm, not sure, I use my GV with a couple custom greetings and they've been working for me.
  7. alillowr

    alillowr Active Member

    Please explain, I don't see how sprint counting a number as a land line would make me consider not using google voice anymore. I currently use google voice as my primary on this phone.

    What should I be looking out for?
  8. jkr4577

    jkr4577 Well-Known Member

    If Sprint is indeed counting GV calls as a landline then your GV calls would count towards your 500 or 1500 anytime minutes (based on your plan).

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