Google Voice+Sipgate+Gv App= Free calls (sipsorcery is down)

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  1. Blackbrawler

    Blackbrawler Well-Known Member

    Ok Im not going to write a full guide for this but I'll give a basic outline for now.

    Step 1: Sign up for Sipgate here and get yourself a free number from them. You'll probably end up getting a number from san fransisco but it doesn't really matter.
    Also you dont need to do this if you already have gizmo5

    Step 2: Go on your android phone and download this app Evan Charlton :: GV you can download straight to phone or put on sd card and launch it with Astro.

    Note: For those who don't know Astro is basically an explorer application from the appstore and really is a must have.

    Step 3: Now in your settings put your Sipgate number in the area where it says callback and put your voicemail pin. If you dont know your voicemail pin just put something in there.

    Make sure there is a green check for "Route all calls through GV
    Last make sure you set calling method to call back.

    now your done with the easy stuff time for the "hard part"

    • Add your sipgate number to your google voice account and make sure calls are forwarded through there.
    • Now after that go download an app called sipdroid
    • Open Sipdroid and go into settings. and then SIP Account settings.
    • Now you need to go on your computer and login into Sipgate.
    • CLick on Settings and move your mouse on the phone and click Sip Credentials
    • Now go back to your phone and put the username as whatever your SIP-Id that is given to you by sipgate
    • For password put the SiP-password given to you by sipgate
    • For Server and Domain put
    • Now your done (ignore port/protocol)
    • Go back to your Gv app and call someone... you should receive a call. From there just answer the call and you'll be connected
    known Issues:
    First is my guide is horrible and i need to redo it
    When you make a call off Gv for some reason Sipdroid seems to reset itself and you have to wait for it to connect

    Also Gv sometimes force closes when you make a call but the call still goes through.

    Have tried over 3g but not wifi

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  2. ButcherChop

    ButcherChop Member

    how's the phone quality. i read a guy that wrote that his Droid and Nexus One were really poorly sounding. nothing but static
  3. Shadowtech

    Shadowtech Well-Known Member

    I have GV/Gizmo5/Sipdroid on my Droid.. but when I make calls via sipdroid I cannot speak. I hear the other person just fine, but it's rather pointless being a 1 sided conversation. Also having no choice but to use the internal/speakerphone kinda sucks. Wish someone would come up with an app that allows bluetooth.

    For calls I don't need to speak on though, like checking accounts/movie times.. it is nice not having to waste minutes.
  4. Blackbrawler

    Blackbrawler Well-Known Member

    o you only hear one person?

    Try updating sipdroid, or using another sip phone like sipagent or even try fring. Also make sure your using 3g and not wifi.
  5. namoroman

    namoroman Well-Known Member

    I guess I don't talk on the phone enough to worry about using minutes up. I am more of a texter. The only people I really talk to on the phone are my parents and my girlfriend.

    I can see how these things would be useful for someone who does talk on the phone a lot though.
  6. csimms

    csimms Member

    Great walkthrough Blackbrawler. I'd like to add a couple important steps though that should be noted.

    #1 Make sure you download the sipgate softphone and install it
    #2 Login to the sipgate softphone then go to your sipgate account settings and make sure you activate the phone.

    If the softphone is not set up, sipgate will not recieve the call back from google voice.
  7. chuckyholmes69

    chuckyholmes69 New Member

    thanks for the guide. i got everything set up; sipgate/sipdroid/dolphin browser hd (changed settings to desktop). i use the dolphin browser to make the call then gets forwarded to sipdroid, i wait several seconds then it connects me to the other person and i can hear them, but they can not hear me. also when receiving calls, i am not sure how you are suppose to answer the calls. i see sipdroid ringing and slide the thing down to pickup, then it says press 1 for something press 2 for something, but how? i dont see any built in number pad to enter in the numbers. if this is a simpler way please let me know.

  8. chuckyholmes69

    chuckyholmes69 New Member

    ok i kinda answered my own question for one part thanks to a suggestion i read some where. anyway after i installed everything and made that first call and was able to hear the other person, but the person could not here me. well, i rebooted the phone as suggested and this time we could both hear each other. i was on a 3g network and he said the quality was kinda choppy, but i heard him clearly and when i switched to wifi he said the quality was a lot better. ok the other problem i have is when he calls me and i answer, but i must enter an option first to pick up the call however; how am i suppose to enter the key when there is no keypad provided?
  9. weethomas

    weethomas New Member

    There are several apps that intercept calls placed using the stock dialer and route them through google voice. no need to open up a browser everytime. Just find the app that works for you. On my dell streak, i'm using the Google Voice Callback FREE app.

    On my phone, and I assume this is common across the android platform, I can pull up the keyboard almost anywhere by doing a long press on the menu key. Once you are in a call with sipdroid, long press on the menu key to load the keyboard, then you can enter letters or numbers.

    Don't feel bad. I almost submitted an issue to the sipdroid dev page before I figured it out (accidentally I might add).
  10. quebert

    quebert Well-Known Member

    I have a question, I'm trying to set this up and am not getting something right. Here's what I did

    Signed up for a Sipgate account

    installed sipgate on my Droid 1 (rooted if that matters) and put the info from the SIP credentials in. On the sipgate site it shows my device as online, and when I click the txt button my Droid rings.

    went to my GV account, added a mobile phone with my Sipgate phone #, when I click the verify button it sits there and my phone doesn't ring. I'm assuming Sipdroid on my phone has to be set up properly because when I click the test button my phone rings instantly.

    I am trying over Wifi my phone has 3G disabled, what am I not doing or doing wrong? the process seems pretty straight forward.
  11. r3dlined

    r3dlined Well-Known Member

    You guys are making and receiving GV calls over WiFi with this set up?
  12. r3dlined

    r3dlined Well-Known Member

    You guys are making and receiving GV calls over WiFi with this set up?
  13. JonIndie

    JonIndie Well-Known Member

    I just found this thread searching around.. I currently don't have any minutes on my phone.. just txt/data through virgin mobile until my 30 days are up.. then i'll top-up to get minutes/txt/data.. but i was curious if there was a way to get calls through an app on android using voIP.

    I got this setup and it works.. there's a short 2-3sec delay but whatever.. it works.

    my question is this though.. when receiving a call is there a way for it to answer when you slide it up.. instead of having to slide up and then press 1.. it should just answer immediately when I slide sipdroid up.. not ask if I want to accept the call. If I didn't want to accept it, I wouldn't have slid sipdroid up.
  14. r3dlined

    r3dlined Well-Known Member

    I never got this to work without an echo and gave up.
  15. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    I'm a little confused here. I found some instructions earlier that worked, but I can't find the page again.

    Is SIPGate and getting an additional number even necessary anymore?

    I'll paraphrase from memory here.

    I installed Sipdroid from the market. When you run it, down at the bottom, it says something like sign up for a account. You click that. Enter your google voice account email and your google voice password, then below enter a password for your new account.

    Click sign up and wait a few seconds.

    When it's done, sipdroid will have been configured to use as both an inbound and outbound gateway for Google Voice.

    You might need to first go into google voice->voice settings->phones and make sure you have a google chat account there and that it's enabled for forwarding.

    Then dial out with sipdroid and you are making a wifi only call (you can enable 3G in the settings too) using your google voice number. You can also dial your google voice number from a different phone as a test and answer using sipdroid.

    Are the old instructions a bit antiquated since google enabled the ability to make and receive calls through google chat? Google has said they'll continue that through 2011, so it should at least work the rest of the year.
  16. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

  17. daicca

    daicca New Member

    The GV app can't log in my google voice account, stating: login failed. What a joke!
  18. jpc0480

    jpc0480 Member

    Ok I'm trying to get this setup as I was just transferred to Amsterdam for work.

    Here's what I've got and what happens:

    I have a GV number, IPkall (since sipgate doesn't have any more numbers), sip sorcery account, pbexes account, and sipdroid on my rooted inc.

    A couple of my problems are:
    1 Any calls I place show up in my sipsorcery account as unable to load dial plan (which i have pasted below) i get a message that says call cannot be completed at this time on my phone. if you could please have a look at my dial plan and see if it seems correct. also not sure what area code i should have here, should it be my gv area code or my ipkall number area code or does it even matter?

    2 how can i forward my gv number to my ipkall number?

    any help would certainly be appreciated.

    1. # Copyright(c) 2010 Mike Telis
    3. # Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
    4. # you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
    5. # You may obtain a copy of the License at
    6. #
    7. # Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
    8. # distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
    9. # WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
    10. # License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under
    11. # the License.
    13. # Click "View raw file" in the lower right for the best copy/paste view
    15. AREA_CODE = '843'                  # my area code
    16. GV_USER   = '*********'   # my GV e-mail address (
    17. GV_PASS   = '*********'          # my GV password
    18. CB_NUMBER = '12064247339'          # my 11-digit SIP number (only one)
    20. SPEED_DIAL = {                     # my speed dial numbers
    21. '1'   => '19879879876',          # Mom
    22. '123' => '12345678901',          # Work
    23. '45'  => '17479876543',          # Gizmo BFF
    24. '411' => '8004664411',           # Google 411
    25. '266' => '',     # CNN Headlines
    26. }
    28. begin
    29.    sys.Log "** Call from #{req.Header.From} to #{req.URI.User} **"
    31.  if sys.Out    # if outbound call
    32.   num = req.URI.User.to_s        # Get a string copy of the number to dial
    34.    num = SPEED_DIAL[num] || num   # Substitute with speed dial entry, if any
    36.    case num
    37.      when /@/ then sys.Dial num   # URI dialing
    38.     when /^[2-9]\d{6}$/          # Local call, 7-digit number
    39.       num = '1'+ AREA_CODE + num # prefix it with country and area code
    40.     when /^[01]?([2-9]\d{9})/    # US number with or without country code
    41.       num = '1' + $1             # add country code and truncate number to 10-digit
    42.     when /^(011|00|\+)(\d{9,})/  # international number
    43.       num = '+' + $2             # GoogleVoiceCall works with '+' prefix only
    46.      else sys.Respond 603, 'Wrong number, check & dial again'
    47.    end
    49.    sys.Log "Calling #{num} via Google Voice"
    50.    sys.GoogleVoiceCall GV_USER, GV_PASS, CB_NUMBER, num, '.*', CB_NUMBER =~ /^1747/ ? 7 : 1, 30
    52.  else          # sys.Out
    53.   sys.Dial "#{sys.Username}@local"
    54.  end
    56. rescue
    57.  sys.Log("** Error: " + $!) unless $!.to_s =~ /Thread was being aborted./
  19. jpc0480

    jpc0480 Member

    nevermind purchased groove ip for 4.99 and no setup!!!

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