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Google Voice will NOT open appsSupport

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  1. surgerush

    surgerush Well-Known Member

    I don't get it, no matter what command I give, Google Voice just won't open any apps, it only wants to try to bring me to a website. I'd say maybe it had something to do with something I froze, but I seem to remember having the same problem before I rooted the phone, I just didn't care then. Is everybody else having this problem? Any ideas?

    Really no matter what command I give about pretty much anything, it always either wants to bring me to a web page or it just does a Google search of what I said, it doesn't do what I think it's supposed to do.

    It does calls, navigation, texting all fine, but all the other cool stuff it's supposed to do, it just does not do.

  2. tomyellowblue

    tomyellowblue Member

    What would be the command to open apps? I don't see anything here: Voice Actions for Android

    I've tried it with sending emails, calling and playing music and it works fine for those (as long as you have a data connection).
  3. coyote1

    coyote1 Well-Known Member

    Try the Voice Control app. I have the free version loaded; it gives you six commands that you configure phonetically. The paid version gives you lots more. I've configured mine so that when I say 'phone' it opens Talkatone. When I say "to do" it opens Wunderlist.

    Not quite as awesome as "call Dave" which a properly operating Google will open the phone app AND place the call, but pretty cool nonetheless.
  4. insomnatech

    insomnatech New Member

    Google Now, can now open apps. You must first say (Open App) then say the name of the app,it works great.

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