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  1. whatne1wuddo

    whatne1wuddo New Member

    I'm new here, and debating moving to Android (have an iPhone now). But first I have a question about Google Voice and it's integration.

    I have two Google accounts, we'll call one "main" and the other "junk." I'm under the impression that as soon as you turn on an Android phone, you have to type in your Google account. In this situation, I would type in the info for my "main" account. This account has all of my contacts, calendars, mail, synced to it. This account has a Google Voice number with area code 310.

    I want to use the Google Voice number associated with my "junk" account, not the one with my "main" account. I would also like email synced from my "junk" account. I do not want to use the number from my "main" google voice account, but do want to use the number from my "junk" account.

    Is this possible?

  2. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    Yes, all of that is possible. There google voice app lets you pick the account to use. You can sync email from 2 gmail accounts.

    No problem with what you want
  3. AFAngryWarrior

    AFAngryWarrior Well-Known Member

    My wife and I have 2 different gmail accounts (hers & mine) but we both use the same Google Voice number which we call our home number. We both get the voicemails, etcs. So even though its linked to my gmail account, when you setup google voice just enter the "Junk" email address & password.
  4. shwilson24

    shwilson24 New Member

    Resurrecting this old thread because I have a similar question.

    I have a Google account, my wife uses Yahoo. We currently have a landline that we are going to get rid of when we finally join the Droid revolution this Christmas.

    We are going to use Google Voice as our new "home phone" I have seen how we can forward GV calls to each of our cell phones, no problem. But from what I can gather from the settings, it seems like I can only set up one email address to receive voice mails. I was all set to set up a filter on my gmail and forward all GV emails that come in to her account.

    But if this is true, I shouldn't have to:

    How are you able to set up multiple email addresses to receive GV voice mails?

    Side question: If I would like to use GV voice mail for my cell number, is there anyway to just send those emails to my email account and not clutter her emails with them at the same time? Is it possible for her to also use the GV voice mail set up through my account to get GV on her email with me not having to receive them?

    Thanks for any answers you can provide.
  5. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    Google Voice website settings allows you to add multiple email addresses to receive voicemail notifications to. That doesn't seem like a problem.

    Not sure I understand your side question exactly. I don't think there's going to be a way (through GV itself) to send different voicemail notifications to different sets of email addresses.
  6. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    I don't recall where the person you're quoting said that they were receiving email notifications for VM. The app itself (on the device) will notify the user of VM's, SMS, etc. Email and SMS notifications are entirely optional and, IIRC, not enabled by default.

    Not that I'm aware of. You'd really need 3 GV numbers, 1 for "home" and 1 for each of you. I'm not sure if the GV app will support multiple GV numbers or not. Is there really a need for the "home" number if you don't have a landline?

    I see where you can add multiple email addresses to select from but I don't see how you can select more than one. The drop menu only allows you to specify one.
  7. Ravenbrook

    Ravenbrook Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue. I just went into Google Voice and "signed out". When I went to sign back in it asked which email I wanted to use. Reason is I have 3 GV numbers assigned to 3 different email addresses. You can easily switch between the two GV numbers you have, it only takes a second.
  8. gcobb

    gcobb Well-Known Member

    I jumped on the GV bandwagon today. I like the voice mail and phone options. I also have my addresses imported to the contact list on the phone from Gmail, then sync the calendar with my phone and use Calendar Sync on my PC so Outlook and Gmail will sync. So my contacts are on Gmail and available to me from anywhere.
  9. OldDogEyes

    OldDogEyes Active Member

    I was able to sign back in with 2nd GV account but then GV wanted to reprogram the VM function on my Evo becaise I use GV as my phone's voicemail. At that point I couldn't use GV to dial because of the reprograming..

    Not an elegant use of GV.

    Wondering if there any android apps that fix this (using GV android with more than one GV account...?)


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