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  1. ezmo85

    ezmo85 Member

    Hello all,

    I have an old Incredible that no longer has Verizon service, but I would like to re-purpose it as a google voice over wifi phone. So far, I'm using Groove IP for making/receiving calls and it works like a charm. I wanted to use this in conjunction with the Google Voice app for SMS, but upon configuring the Google Voice app, it prompts me to select the number of "this phone", which has no number or service. I hit "add this phone" anyway, since it's my only option, and it tries and fails to verify the number, and I'm stuck. All I want to do is use the app for SMS. Any suggestions?

    It can't be rooted because it's running Gingerbread 2.3.4

    Also, I know Talkatone, the popular iPhone app for google voice calling and texting will be coming to Android soon, but I need a solution to hold me over until then. Thanks!

  2. ezmo85

    ezmo85 Member

  3. SoundFX

    SoundFX Member

    I have a old MT3g set up the same way, GV and GrooVe IP with its own GV number using wifi only. I can send/rcv texts no prob with the GV app. In GV I originally set it up to forward to my house phone (any number works i think, as long as you can verify it) but after you install GrooVe IP change forwarding to chat only (uncheck the home number box) and everything still works. I never added "this phone" or if I did I just lied and listed the home number. I never rooted...
  4. aysiu

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  5. ezmo85

    ezmo85 Member

    Thank you! Problem solved! And without having to root! It's good to know there's someone helpful on these forums...
  6. ezmo85

    ezmo85 Member

    True enough, that would have been another option, but I'm glad I managed to get the app to work.
  7. kyaniki

    kyaniki New Member

    Don't mean to revive an old thread but i'm having the exact same problem on my droid x and I'm not really sure how you managed to get past that screen that wants to verify my phone number (Which doesn't exist because I don't have service)

    Ideally, I want to use my gmail account that I ported my number to in the first place but I've tried using multiple gmail accounts too with no avail. Any advice or exact step by steps on how to do this would be great.
  8. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    You can use a landline or any phone number you have access to. Then go back into Google Voice and turn of the forwarding to that number but leave it on for Gmail.

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