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google voice

  1. I have a Motorola atrix with att. att may cut me off will google voice work on my phone if I am cut off by my carrier and wow would I set that up?

  2. raider4life

    raider4life New Member

    first go to Google.com get a gmail acct if you dont have one.
    Next, Go to Google.com/voice you will set up a Google voice number you will need to have an active cell while doing this can be yours friends or families. This is only to activate acct. You can delete the active number after you complete Google voice activation.

    Then once you have GV # go to voxox.com and register for another number there and add your Google voice # there and once registered fo to top right and choose my phones add your Google voice # there also opt to have number sent to your number.

    You will use the active number You started with to have code msg to you to sync number with cell.

    Plus you will need to go to app store and download ( tapatalk ).

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