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Google Voicemail Issue

  1. Airforcemario

    Airforcemario Active Member

    I've set up customized voice mails for some of my contacts. The problem is my GV is defaulting to the option that answers "Please enter the number you are trying to reach." Even when my wife enters my real number she doesnt get her customized greeting. Initially when I started GV it would default automatically to her customized voice mail. I'm not sure how to make this go back to the way it was. I hate to have everyone who calls me to re-enter my number in order to reach me. Any suggestions?

  2. Raeli

    Raeli Member

    Just set up Google Voice as voicemail for my verizon wireless number. When I call my number from another cell or my home phone i get the "Please enter the number you are trying to call followed by the pound key"

    Any ideas?

    Only hints I have so far:

    1. Google voicemail number is a different area code.
    2. Forwarding number given by google voice is not the *71(Google Number) that I expected. It is *71(Different number)

    Switched back to Verizon phonemail until help arrives.


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