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  1. patch321

    patch321 Well-Known Member

    I've heard that google wallet is not available. can anyone can confirm this and has there been any updates on if it will eventually become available?

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    List of devices GW supports on the FAQ page:

    Eligible Devices - Wallet Help

    From what I have seen its not supported on ATT. ATT, VZW, TMO use ISIS which is a competing application.

    Seems from the FAQ page GQ will not work on the international version nor will it work on the dev version.
  3. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    When I first got my one it synced Google wallet onto my phone but it didn't work.
    Now it won't allow installation saying it's not compatible.

    I am sure the carriers won't allow it.
  4. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    +1 (T-MOBILE)

    I remember seeing GOOGLE WALLET available for download on day one of owning the phone, as my 1st order of business with any phone is GOOGLIZING it w/the GAPPS that I use on a regular basis.

    Now, the option to load GOOGLE WALLET isn't present.
  5. busted bones

    busted bones Well-Known Member

    Why don't the carriers want GW on their phones? I know VZW gave a total bs answer in one of the articles I read, but I don't understand why they have an issue with it.
  6. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

  7. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

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  8. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    Basically, Sprint is the only carrier with google wallet unless you go with a Nexus device.
    Thing that bothers me is that I can't even sideload it to get around their BS.
    It just tells me to sod off :mad:
  9. jehowe

    jehowe Active Member

    That tweet pretty much confirms what everyone knew- there is no valid technical or security reason to block Wallet. GW is simply being blocked to give ISIS a leg up, and T-Mo along with Verizon & AT&T, are sitting on Wallet using their gatekeeper status. It's clearly anti-competitive behavior and a net-neutrality violation that should be on the FCC's radar- not holding my breath.

    And unless carriers have been granted the right to pick winners, that tweet's quote that ISIS is somehow the 'mobile device payment standard' flat out isn't true. There is no wireless mobile payment standard, and if there ever was I highly doubt it will be ISIS.
  10. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    Search back on phandroid.
    There was an article about this.
    Someone sent in a complaint to the fcc about Verizon lying when it came to the secure element.
    The only difference to date is that AT&T and T-Mobile have not mentioned a reason for the block that I have seen but we all know it's Isis.

    What need to happen is Google telling the carriers to shove it... It's Google's store so why let carriers tell them what to do?
  11. jehowe

    jehowe Active Member

    Rather than manufacturing a reason, AT&T and T-Mo staying mum while keeping Google Wallet permanently stuck in the approval process means less chance of FCC scrutiny. "We haven't blocked GW, it just hasn't been approved yet..."
  12. wolverineguy55

    wolverineguy55 New Member

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