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  1. kmoore11

    kmoore11 Well-Known Member

    I've noticed a lot of posts in the Official thread regarding invites to the Google Wave started on the Incredible. I am suggesting that you post your email here if you want an invite, instead of clogging the other thread up.

    PS. If anyone wants to shoot me a Google Voice invite too that would be GREAT. Thanks!

  2. DontEatPoop

    DontEatPoop Well-Known Member


    HTCLUVR Well-Known Member

    me too i have wave just want in on this Incredible one
  4. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

  5. HardHitter

    HardHitter Member

    I am on google wave too and would like an invite to the HTC Incredible wave
  6. HeelsNDeacs

    HeelsNDeacs Member

    I would also love a Wave or Voice invite if anyone has any extras. Just PM me if you can help me out. Any good karma that can be created for tomorrow would be great :)
  7. neomits

    neomits Active Member

    already on wave, would like an invite to the thread

    timjanderson @
  8. Ambro

    Ambro Active Member

  9. bwthor

    bwthor Well-Known Member

    I'd appreciate an invite too.

    bwthor at gmail
  10. kscobie8

    kscobie8 Active Member

  11. TazMac

    TazMac Active Member

    I would like an invite to both (Google Wave and the HTC Wave).

  12. MrSmoofy

    MrSmoofy Well-Known Member

    PM Me for google wave invites and also intvites to the Private HTC Incredible Wave.
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  13. ThrillKill

    ThrillKill Well-Known Member

  14. Ric WRX

    Ric WRX Well-Known Member

  15. Enjroid

    Enjroid Well-Known Member

    Can someone please tell me what is the Google Wave?
  16. Noodles

    Noodles Member

  17. MrSmoofy

    MrSmoofy Well-Known Member

    Ment to post in other thread.
  18. joehero

    joehero Active Member

  19. norm807

    norm807 Active Member

    wave or voice invite.

  20. spartan141

    spartan141 Well-Known Member

  21. Axe_1

    Axe_1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone. What is the difference between Google Wave and the HTC Incredible Wave? Oh, i have invites for Google Wave if anyone needs some.

  22. Presto343

    Presto343 Well-Known Member

    Can someone invite me to the actual "incredible" wave? i'm already in google wave, i just cant find the incredible wave
  23. randomdroid

    randomdroid Member

    Out of Wave invites. But should have more later. If PM'ed you back you are good to go.
  24. nate3382

    nate3382 Member

  25. kmax

    kmax Member

    I already have google wave, would like an invite to the Incredible wave though, Thanks!

    Also, for anyone interested, I have google wave invites. Shoot me a PM if interested.

    Edit: Out of Google Voice invites now but still have wave invites.

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