Goophone 4GS Woes

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  1. Katohdog

    Katohdog New Member

    G'Day All
    First time poster actualy first time android owner. I purchased my wife a new Goophone 4GS, best knock off Iphone ever, great phone but all the apps and the system was Chinese based. Some research the thing to do was to root the phone. This ended being many nights work to no avail, nothing would work, then I read somewhere obscurity written that they are factory rooted. May explain why the phone came with market already installed and i could install superuser.
    The thing is still I could not alter / delete any of the apps that came with the phone. More research I watch a You Tube vid on how to replace the rom on the phone, So I downloaded the rom shown and managed to put into the phone, managed to get into setup but ever time I went to install it had an error that the E-Signature is incorrect and application failed.
    Help would be great at this stage, I want to get rid of all the Chinese apps plaguing the phone, there must be a way to delete them or to get the new rom to work.
    Apologies if I'm a little vague, or not correct with terminology but I'm totally new to this game,

  2. Katohdog

    Katohdog New Member

    Hi All
    Just some work on it tonight, apparently it is not rooted afterall, I can not seem to root this phone, I have tried superone click, Z4Root, gingerbreak, androot, and even a chinese one that was on a youtube vid. nothing seems to work, frustration is setting in.
    Any other ways to root this thing? Or am I missing something?
  3. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I've had a google around and info is a little sparse. All I can find that might be of any use is this:[Q] Goophone 4gs - xda-developers if that helps at all?

    Everything else appears to be in Chinese.

    Welcome to AF BTW!
  4. karthius

    karthius Member

    i can't link videos, but there is one on youtube i believe the users name is jamangimang or something point is he has an unboxing, review, how to root it + updated rom for speed and removed of chinese letters!

    goophonev5 installing rom or goophonev5 rooting.

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