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  1. ****I am writing this review because I haven't found ANY for Gorillagadgets and seeing as how they have what appears to be an amazing battery at a dirt cheap price, I couldn't pass it up**** :D

    So I recently purchased the 3500mAh extended battery from gorillagadgets.com. The battery cost me $22 with free shipping, and came with a replacement door. The battery arrived within 3 days of it shipping (came from CA and I live in VA), and I read that in order to get a true full charge out of the first time, i needed to drain the battery THEN charge it for however long it took, plus and extra 2-3 hours after the LED went green.

    I received the battery today, and automatically threw it in. The door feels very nice in my hands, I like the weight, and the feel of the extra bulk to my phone (but that's just me). It's color is very similar to the OEM model door, only downside is I have YET to find a case that will fit the extended battery. I turned the phone on with the new battery at roughly 1 p.m. and I turned on the GPS, bluetooth, and wi-fi to really drain this bad boy. I surfed the net, watched youtube, played some Angry Birds (my new addiction). The battery didn't drop below 10% until 11 p.m. Remember this is just from me throwing it in the phone and letting it run.

    I am currently charging this bad boy over night and will run it thru the paces tomorrow during an average day for me. With the OEM battery I would need to charge it usually 2-3- times a day. Let's see how well this one stacks up.

    I'll be updating this as I test it out.

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  2. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    There seems to be a common misconception regarding GPS (among others also regarding GPS) that simply turning it on kills your battery. Unless the receiver is actively used it won't really have much of an affect on battery life. You'll know it's in use because you'll see the GPS icon in the notification bar.

    That said, it's possible for the receiver to unknowingly kill your battery if you have apps that use it periodically to determine your location and you're not aware that they do so. However, again, you'll see the GPS icon in the notification bar when it's actually in use.
  3. Well I woke up and took the phone off the charger at 10:30ish this morning after it had been charging for just over 7 hours. It is now2 p.m. and the battery is at 76%. That's with me randomly checking my e-mail, Angry Birds, and some texting. Not too bad so far, can definitely see an improvement over the OEM battery.
  4. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    I take it this is the EVO battery? (I didn't see that specified anywhere).
  5. (Yes it;s the EVO Battery, sorry for not mentioning it earlier.)

    It's midnight and I finally put my phone back to charge when it hit below 30%. Like I said before, this was an average day for me. Texting, a few phone calls, some internet, some youtube, A LOT of Angry Birds etc. etc.

    I like this battery better than the OEM one, it definitely lasts longer and it way cheaper than most extended batteries you will find. Now is it a TRUE 3500mAh battery? Maybe not, but for $22, I couldn't be happier
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  6. Hunterbeav

    Hunterbeav Well-Known Member

    I also bought the 3500mAh battery from Gorilla Gadgets and installed it into my evo. The first day it lasted 12hrs of what I would call med to heavy use and had 25% of life left at that point. After 3 days the charge is getting better and better. I now go 12 hrs of heavy use and still have 55% life left . This is one great battery I.M.O. I bought my 2 mths ago before even getting my evo lol and paid $18.99 at that time.
  7. fmalcolmr

    fmalcolmr Well-Known Member

    Saw this thread and decided to give it a go and order the battery. Put it in phone and says 80%, it dropped to 76% after 5 min [w/ wifi/bluetooth/gps/autosync/pandora all on] and 40 min later it still says 76%. I'm already impressed. Will update once it goes through a few days/charge cycles.
  8. already known

    already known Member

    any pics on what the phone looks like with the new battery...??? it looks to bulky bah...but hmmm worth the sacrifice for the extra battery life...
  9. trader914

    trader914 Well-Known Member

    The phone is already big that the extra few mm's isn't going to make any difference as to how i will carry it. I dont use any covers or cases at all. And I am hoping the extra depth will give some protection for the camera lens which is totally exposed on the back. All in all, absolutely no reason NOT to get one. And it's so cheap!
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  10. fmalcolmr

    fmalcolmr Well-Known Member

    I'm back to update from my previous post. Have had it for 4 days now and trying to figure out how I made it so long without this battery. With OEM... always had to turn internet, autosync, bluetooth etc off to conserve battery (or run juice defender when it would be idling for some time) and now I can leave them on and use my phone at the same time and not be worried. When I charge it at night, it finishes before I go to sleep and I remove it from the charger. I pick it up in the morning and it has only drained 2%. With a medium level of use the battery will last me about 27 hrs (I usually sleep about 6 hrs... so subtract 6 from night number 1 and night number 2... so I can actually use the phone for about 15 hrs w/ it idling an additional 12 hrs) before I need a charge. Pretty good if you ask me. I am completely satisfied with my purchase.
  11. already known

    already known Member

    i got the battery in yesterday and put it in my phone and it was at 90 and it dwindled its way all the way down after 8hours...charged it and let it charge for 2 hours longer when the green light came on...now i have batt stat and its showing 77% after 1h34mins...but when i look at extended controls widget its showing 92%...which one do i go by???
  12. Hunterbeav

    Hunterbeav Well-Known Member

    just use it if it last 12 to 14 hrs of heavy use I think it's a winner lol
  13. already known

    already known Member

    yeah i agree...but it wasnt even in heavy use...plus i took it off the charger and dropped 8% in 4 minutes...
  14. Hunterbeav

    Hunterbeav Well-Known Member

    Mine got better and better with each day of charging. After 3 or 4 days mine has been doing great. When you first take it off the charger wait a few minutes then plug it back in. It will be amber color for about 5 to 10 minutes before turning green again then unplug it. Try that it's how I do mine every morning
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  15. Iria

    Iria Member

    I don't think I'm seeing accurate readings from the battery widget. Using a Droid X, (and admittedly, not this particular battery tho I just ordered one), it seems to drop faster than I would expect. Also, sometimes see the X get pretty hot (and not necessarily when running anything severe) so not sure if the battery is just overpowering the device or something.
  16. Kangaji

    Kangaji Member

    Are you guys all using Evos? Is anybody using an Epic? 'Cause I'm really impressed with you guys' results and now wanna get one myself...
  17. DrCaleb

    DrCaleb Active Member

    Would you mind posting the link for this battery? Thanks
    Perhaps more of us here can test this battery and see if we all get similar results. May help to see a broad range of user types for the Evo. :)
  18. Iria

    Iria Member

  19. diplomat1

    diplomat1 Active Member

    How did you get the free shipping?
  20. coleyo

    coleyo New Member

    I have had mine for about 2 weeks now and it is a huge difference. I can actually use it all day texting, surfing and angry birding. My kids can take pics and look at videos and I never worry about it dying on me. If you do not have it BUY IT NOW! I also like the feel of the phone in my hand better than the stock battery, it feels more secure like a pistol grip sorta! Just my 2 cents.
  21. duranc

    duranc Member

  22. jerryr88

    jerryr88 Active Member

    i tried the link and i get

    Error: Cannot connect to the database server


    bummer i wanna buy it.. i can barely make it thru a day in school.. and thats just checkin a few emails and texts..
  23. duranc

    duranc Member

  24. jerryr88

    jerryr88 Active Member

    just bought it right now.. i live in CA so hopefully i receive it quickly.. i will post my opinions later :D
  25. tkdawg22

    tkdawg22 Member

    I just purchased one myself. I will let you know my thoughts as well. Now to find a case that could fit the extra bulk added to the phone.

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