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Got a bigger SD Card, phone still saying low space. HELP!Support

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  1. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Well-Known Member

    Ok so I installed a 16gb micro SD card. I then started downloading a few new apps and updating the 8 I already had. My phone immediately starts with the "low on storage." I let everything finish installing and check the manage app screen. It only shows 2 apps on my new card. Everything else is on the phone. I start going thru my apps to move them to the sd card, but it wont allow it. The button is greyed out so it cant be pressed.

    SO I have all this new storage but my phone wants everything on intermal memory? I dont get it. I tried deleting an app like twitter and then re-installed it hoping it would see all the free space on the card and go there...NOPE. Its on my phone memory. WTF!!!!!

    How do I fix this?

    PS: Im rooted with Froyo.

  2. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    Hey, just to let you know, please try not to repost the same thread in multiple subforums. Thanks. :)

    Now, back on topic, Your new microSD card has nothing to do with the low storage warning. This low storage is indicating that the storage is getting low on the handset's internal memory. You should go into Settings, then Applications, then Manage Applications. You can then sort your apps by size and go in and clear the cache for the biggest ones. That should get rid of the low storage issue, but just remember that this is only a temporary solution because caches build up again. Finally, not all apps in Android are able to be moved to the microSD card. The developer has to enable that feature, so that is why you are seeing grayed out buttons for moving the apps to the microSD card. I hope this helps you out. ;)
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  3. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Well-Known Member

    Sorry bout the double post. Ok, so basically Im fubared is what youre saying? Ha. I knew the low memory was due to internal storage but figured since I only had a 2gb sd card that I couldnt move anything over cause there was no room there either. So I got a 16gb. Now I find out that not every program can be moved to an SD card...well crap. What good is that then? If I want a new app and it will only install on my phones memory and there is no memory left to use, im basically screwed. Thank god the Photon is coming out in 2 weeks. I cant take this Hero much longer.

    As for the cashe clearing. When I go my biggest apps, it will only let me clear data, not cashe. So do I clear data also?
  4. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    Yes, unfortunately, not all apps are movable to the microSD card. If the developer chooses not to add that functionality, then it will not work. Do not clear the data because that will basically delete any settings that you had set up on that particular app. The best thing to do would be to delete a few apps that you do not use that much anymore to free up some internal storage space.

    I would strongly suggest you take a look at the Sprint HTC EVO 3D. The Sprint Motorola Photon 4G will have a locked down bootloader and it has that PenTile screen that has nasty banding problems.
  5. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the help. Ya, Ive looked at the Evo 3D (in store and now 2 co-workers have it so ive played with it tons). I just dont like it enough. 3D is absolutely pointless for me. I know the rest of the phone is top notch and i dont have to use 3d, but Im going to give the Photon a try. Ill have 30 days if I dont like it and then Ill need to decide to throw in the towel and get the Evo or maybe something else thats about to come out (SGS2?). I mean, Ive had this Hero well over a year and between the dust under the screen, the fact it cant even play a video cause its so slow and constant memory issues, I think ANY new phone's screen is going to blow me away!
  6. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    Yeah. To be honest, it is not the 3D aspect of the Sprint HTC EVO 3D that I am interested in. I care more about the hardware specifications. For example, the dual core CPU, and the 1 GB of RAM is a big thing for me. I would wait for the Samsung Galaxy S2 in your case then. That handset looks to have nice specifications as well. :)

    I have never really had any issues with my Sprint HTC Hero. No dust under the screen, and no slowness or memory problems. I am sorry you have experienced issues with yours. Newer screens will blow you away because they are all much larger than your current handset's screen. ;)

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