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got a FAIL when flashing with Odin ??Support

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  1. atmasters

    atmasters Well-Known Member

    Ok tried to flash a updated firmware threw Odin and it says it faild and I am stuck on a screen with the green android and saying downloading how do I get out of this ?

  2. atmasters

    atmasters Well-Known Member

    got my phone back to normal
  3. Vittorrio

    Vittorrio Member

    How did you get it back to normal?
    It's always good to write a follow up just in case someone else has the same problem.
    Glad you got it sorted though
  4. skybeast135

    skybeast135 New Member

    hi... can u pliss help me coz i have the same problem.. actually i try to install a custom rom with odin. unfortunately in odin it says fail during the installation.. after that i just remove the battery.. and now when i try to turn on my phone the screen only display a phone and a pc image... help me pliss...
  5. Norsworthy

    Norsworthy Member

    Hey man, i had the same problem for like 5 hours! you can still boot into the download mode if you're fast enough and from there just flash it again with a decent rom and make sure you've ended all kies processes in ctrl+shift+esc. Although I have a new problem if people wouldn't mind helping me, all of the roms i try loading now, with the exception of one i don't want as adriod market doesn't work and it's german or something, get stuck at that animated S on boot up. They seem to instal fine but after that they don't progress an further. TBH i just wann go back to kies, too much effort has been spent today and my gps doesn't work still. If anyone can help me get back to using kies with a stock build again, i would be greatful. thanks.
  6. lenachen14

    lenachen14 New Member

    hey so how did you manage to get out of the black screen? im really lost, itd be great if you could help us all out thanks

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