got a few goodies for the XAccessories

  1. deekum1627

    deekum1627 Well-Known Member

    went to verizon to order my wifes droid x and they had new cases which fit awesome and feel like there is no case on teh phone so it still nice and slim. i also picked up the dock station for the X didnt try it yet, has anyone tried it?

  2. esn

    esn Well-Known Member

    I bought the screen protectors and the shell holster combo looking at the car dock not sure on that yet though.
  3. deekum1627

    deekum1627 Well-Known Member

    i got the home dock
  4. Devz

    Devz Well-Known Member

    I've got the desk dock, and I'm loving it. It displays really nicely next to my bed. Easy to push a button and get my weather update in the morning.

    I nabbed the Verizon 3 pack screen protectors, and they suck. Hard.

    I'd really like to get a decent screen protector though. Thought about going with Zagg's Invisible Shield again (have a full body one on my Zune 80, skipped it for my Zune HD) but not really sure I like the "feel" and "texture" of it for a phone.
  5. deekum1627

    deekum1627 Well-Known Member

    ya i got a 20% discount buy getting the case and home dock if i would of got screen protectors it would of been 25%off. glad to here you like the home dock
  6. AFAngryWarrior

    AFAngryWarrior Well-Known Member

    This should be in the Accessories sub-forum?
  7. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Well-Known Member

  8. deekum1627

    deekum1627 Well-Known Member

    sorry didnt realize a mod can move it
  9. thecrock0984

    thecrock0984 Well-Known Member

    If your going to post this on the main forum instead of the accessory sub forum for goodies. Why dont you atleast let us know what case.
  10. deekum1627

    deekum1627 Well-Known Member

  11. Dmordarski

    Dmordarski Well-Known Member

    I picked up the Shell/Hoster Combo, Multimedia Station, Nav Dock, and HDMI cable.

    My only gripe is with the Media dock, having two plugs, micro usb and hdmi, you have to fiddle with the phone to get it to slide down properly, a little annoying but otherwise a very nice design
  12. memillh

    memillh Well-Known Member

    I purchased that case on launch day, however I just took it back today because the cutout on the lower back for the speaker is too big. It's a big rectangle. My phone was getting scratched up in that area, with such a large opening. I replaced it with the Amzer, which is just as thin, but only has a slit and small hole opening in that area.
  13. omnipanzer

    omnipanzer Member

    I got the Verizon Car bundle and found a 10% off coupon on the web ;^). I love the Car doc. It gives ma somewhere to put my phone and lets me see if I have an in coming call when the stereo is up. It brings up a separate menu however it won't bring up the lock so you have to leave it off to use. I felt with the Google maps it made more sense than the home doc. I also got screen covers and a TPU case off ebay for like $8 and i'm really happy with them as well.
  14. Piiman

    Piiman Well-Known Member

    I love the Docks keeps it charged up and looking good all at once.
  15. Piiman

    Piiman Well-Known Member

    BestSkinsEver finally have a DX full skin for only 5.99 + 2.00 shipping. Can't beat the price and it's the same stuff Zagg uses. At that price if you don't like it it's not a big deal to just pull it off and forget it.
  16. Piiman

    Piiman Well-Known Member

    If anyone is getting the Docks make sure you get a case you can remove easily, like the one above.
  17. deekum1627

    deekum1627 Well-Known Member

    thats the only thing that kinda stinks if you have to remove the case everynight but it just pops right off so no biggie i guess
  18. jwthrush

    jwthrush Well-Known Member

    I would read this right after I ordered the 3 pack with my phone.. :(
  19. deekum1627

    deekum1627 Well-Known Member

    do i need a special app for it to show the weather on the dock, bc it isnt showing up it say there is a problom loading this app
  20. tke_800

    tke_800 Member

    Remove the weather widget (trash it) and add it back, that worked for me.
  21. deekum1627

    deekum1627 Well-Known Member

    yup i got it to work thanks
  22. Ninja Monkey

    Ninja Monkey Well-Known Member

    The Home Dock doesn't come with an HDMI cable does it?
  23. Piiman

    Piiman Well-Known Member

    Yeah but docks that are universal usally suck IMO. I had the nice leather case with kick stand but returned it because it was too hard to remove. The one I have now just pops off.
  24. Piiman

    Piiman Well-Known Member

    No, even though they said it would be bundled with it at the release party. Guess someone figured they make more selling it separately. Personally I think it should have come with it since it's called the Multimedia Dock it should have what you need to actually make it multimedia capable.

    I saw the cable at Best Buy yesterday and they wanted 39.99:eek: Friggen RIPOFF!!!
  25. deekum1627

    deekum1627 Well-Known Member

    ya my new case pops right off. and it should come with hdmi i still have to get it there gotta be an online place that is a little cheaper

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