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Got an email from AT&T - Note on backorder?

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  1. artaqaf

    artaqaf Well-Known Member

    "Thank you for your recent purchase on the AT&T Premier Online Store. We are pleased that you chose AT&T as your wireless service provider.

    Unfortunately, items in your order are out of stock and are backordered. We will ship them as soon as they are available, and notify you of the shipment by email. We will ship multiple backordered items when all items are in stock.

    is this a normal email when pre-ordering a phone?

    or do they simply not have enough in the USA to cover the orders?

    tx --- art.

  2. artaqaf

    artaqaf Well-Known Member

    according to the xda-developers forum, this email appears to be standard practice, since AT&T doesn't officially have them in stock yet.

    hopefully we can still get them by the 17th :)

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