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  1. pmckinnon96802

    pmckinnon96802 New Member

    Basically after a night out on the lash I woke up with a rather damp phone from being in the rain. I put it into a box of rice near a radiator for two days to get rid of all moisture. When I charged it for the first few times a red light would flash and it would constantly vibrate. Now I've left it for a few days and attempted to charge it again. This time I get an orange light and when turn it on it goes to the white HTC fastboot screen.

    It reads

    HBOOT - 0.93.0001
    MICROP - 051d
    RADIO -

    The side buttons or power button do not seem to work anymore on this screen...

    Is there anyway that I can personally fix it or will I need to send it away?

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Fastboot is accessed by holding the back button and pressing power from off. I assume there is damage on this button.

    To be honest, its probably beyond economic repair. Do you have insurance?

    Yes you can send it off, but it will cost a pretty penny.

    Bowl of rice = good
    Near radiator = bad

  3. MikeC1408

    MikeC1408 Well-Known Member

    Rice is ok short term.

    The fact it got wet is bad as the damage is already done, overtime it will get worse as the compents degrade.
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    They certainly do. Very corrosive, but sometimes if you get it literally into a bowl of rice immediately, the process is so barely started that it will see out your contract.

    Anyway, phone = >

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