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got it!! love it!!General

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  1. drrandall1

    drrandall1 Active Member

    Wow. Way better than the s4 in every way!!! Thanks lg!

  2. jprosek

    jprosek Well-Known Member

    Yup, can't wait till there some development for this phone its gonna be just rediculous
  3. SLRdude

    SLRdude Well-Known Member

    I had mine for a week now and I really like it.

    Too bad it lacks the pen since I used that quite a bit on my Note II.
  4. witeboy07

    witeboy07 New Member

    Currently waiting on att to unlock mine,supposedly they had to send a case to the unlock Team
  5. Rockinfigs

    Rockinfigs Well-Known Member

    love mine also..i had the note 2.. but like lg better..the only thing i miss is the battery on the note 2 was much much better.
  6. alc2077

    alc2077 Member

    Yup, I came from the Note II and its battery blows away the OG Pro's battery even though both batteries are about the same capacity. I really like the OG Pro but I think the UI/ OS needs some optimizing because that's another area were I think the Note II may have a leg up.
  7. buff31

    buff31 New Member

    Is ATT going to unlock bootloader? Really.... would love to know... you're just funnnin me, right???

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