Got LIVE TV to play on my Nook !

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  1. crenita

    crenita Well-Known Member

    I am THRILLED.. I have a Dish Sling adapter and there is a app for it in the market. but I never thought it would work on NC running 2.1 but said what the heck..

    WELL DANG IT WORKS..... and works well.. just like it does on my Droid... I am thrilled.. another wonderful thing this little guy does... He just amazes me.

    Last night was having a little glitch with the TV so pulled out the NC and tuned in via the Sling adapter and watched 2 hrs of LIVE TV...

    Few tech things keep getting better and better and make me happy with my purchase each day, as this little unexpected jewel has done... THANK YOU NC...:p

  2. SpaceageDave

    SpaceageDave New Member

    Do you have an app for that?

    Thanks in advance
  3. androidrook

    androidrook New Member

    I am considering a similar update to the Sling adapter for DirectTV, but I am wondering if you did any comparisons to Sling adapter vs Roku? I recognize that your sling adapter is just an extension of the satellite service that you already are getting, but just wondering if you decided on Sling to just stream the live TV or just looking to stream to wireless devices?

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