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Got locked out of phone. Help!Support

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  1. wotpw

    wotpw New Member

    I got locked out of my phone after my schoolmate used the pattern lock too many times.

    My data plan is disabled and so is my wifi. ( Can't use the google account login )

    My security question also doesn't work for some reason.

    How do I turn on my network if I'm locked out?

    Do I need to do a hard reset? If so how do I do it?

    I do not have USB debugging on.

  2. ethanim07

    ethanim07 New Member

    try bringing it to sony service center,
  3. joemonkey

    joemonkey Well-Known Member

    did you fix your logout problem? if not, read this link
    Unlock Android phone after too many pattern attempts | pinnapedia

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