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  1. rafian

    rafian Active Member

    Sad that I broke the screen of my Galaxy S3. The phone just slipped and fell on the floor. Screen got cracked.

    Called the local service center and got a quote of Rs.6600 (~$120) for the replacement of screen.

    I went to Samsung Service center (#139,Sterling Heights, Opp To Hindu, Infantry Road, Bangalore - 560001). I had spoken to the manager there (Mr. Manasa Reddy) 3 times in the last week or so and every time he picked up the phone and answered my questions politely. Prior to that I had called Samsung India service line. They gave me the name, address, number of all the Samsung authorized outlets in Bangalore including the number of Mr. Reddy.

    After getting there, I was called-in within two minutes by the staff at the counter. I showed her my phone and told her that I wish to change the screen. I also requested her to call Mr. Reddy so that I could've a chat with him. I requested Mr. Reddy to have the technician replace the screen in my presence. He obliged by actually having the technician come out and do the job in front of me. The technician's name is Murthy. Awesome guy. Did the job perfectly. Also gave me enough time to test the phone. I came out impressed with Samsung's service (this particular center). I would highly recommend this center.

    The screen replacement took 15 minutes. Basically the guy removed the motherboard and peripherals and put the same on the new screen. No removing the old screen with a blower and stuff. Neat work. It's expensive but Samsung has done a good job in designing the phone in such a way that you just need a screw driver and a small plastic picker.

    Finally the technician removed the model/serial # sticker from the old chassis and stuck it on the new one.

    Hope this info helps people who happen to have broken their Galaxy S3 screen.

  2. rafian

    rafian Active Member

    Just fyi:
    Now I've put double covers on my phone:

    First I've installed the flip cover:
    Flip cover - By Samsung - Made in Korea - Bought in Bangalore from a local shop. Flip Cover EFC-1G6FBE for i9300 Galaxy S3 - Blue: Cell Phones & Accessories

    On top of the flip cover, I installed the back cover:
    Back cover - By Diztronic - Bought from - USA Diztronic Matte Back Black Flexible TPU Case & Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S III (Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon and International Carriers) [Diztronic Retail Packaging]: Cell Phones & Accessories

    Phone looks better protected, kinda heavy duty and more business like. The phone feels heavier.

    Off topic: I also installed an external memory card:
    External MicroSDHC card - By Sandisk - Bought from - USA SanDisk Mobile Ultra 32GB microSDHC Card SDSDQY-032G-U46: Computers & Accessories
  3. rkn5555

    rkn5555 New Member

    my s3 dropped from my lap as i was sitting in a chair, not even 2 feet off the ground.
    on edge of glass just mm from end of screen protector. before bezel. and i have a hairline crack across screen.

    i think that we all should a class action lawsuit against samsung for advertising that they use sturdy glass for their screens. its in the marketing to imply you would be safe from silly little drops. because that was what happened. i could see dropping it from my ear to the floor. a 6 foot drop perhaps. but , it just sliding off your lap as you sit on a chair?

    i dropped my samsung infuse plenty of times. not once did i have a cracked screen.
    perhaps samsungs glass to edge design in this model is designed to sell replacement screens
  4. heavychevy

    heavychevy Well-Known Member

    Screen is quite fragile, must be careful with it. The evidence is piling up. Get a case asap and be extra careful. The screen is very brittle compared to previous galaxies and other android phones.
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  5. nseriessaga

    nseriessaga Well-Known Member

    Are u guys dropping the phone without any sort of protection?? It has been very scratch resistant for me. I've dropped it twice but with a thin silicone case and there hasn't been a problem.

    As far as $120 for a replacement... my friend cracked his and Verizon said they'd fix it for $100 and that's with insurance.

    I was with him when he dropped it. I wouldn't expect any piece of glass to survive the drop that it took. After all, it is still glass.
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  6. Hussain S

    Hussain S New Member

    I'm having same on display screen. If possible, can u please share Mangers contact numbe.
  7. mehulmax

    mehulmax New Member

    hi rafian

    i also got my galaxy s3 screen broken . i want to get it repaired or replaced.
    here in Gujarat (Vadodara) person in samsung service center is asking me to pay 8500 Rs for replacement.
    kindly provide me contact details for service center where you got your problem fixed, it will be really helpful to me.

    thanks in advance

    Regards ,
  8. mehulmax

    mehulmax New Member

    hi rafain,

    i m asking this again, as you have not mentioned if that service center in bangloure charged something for fixing your issue (repaired or replaced ?)

    kindly reply.

  9. Gomjaba

    Gomjaba Well-Known Member

    No, I just don't drop it - hence no need for a case :p
  10. richabengani

    richabengani New Member

    how much did it cost for the complete repair process in Infantry road showroom?
  11. richabengani

    richabengani New Member

    How much did it cost for the complete repair, was only your glass broken or glass+display button

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