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Got my One X+ todayGeneral

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  1. adders21

    adders21 Well-Known Member


    My One X+ arrived today :) Just need to wait 12 hours for the battery to fully charge :-(

    Also bought a Rock Nakedshell case. Fits like a glove, doesn't add much bulk and wraps just a little around the corners. Also protrudes a little in front of the camera to protect it. Very happy with it.

    Screen protector, well I went with Zagg. Early days as it's only been on 30 minutes. I do hope it improves and the tiny bubbles and white marks fade away as some reports suggest. Does have an orange peel look to it unlike Martin Field protectors. On a plus point it does mold to the edges unlike the Martin Fields.

  2. AndrizzleHD

    AndrizzleHD Well-Known Member

    I'm really interested on hearing about the battery life on this thing. Hoping to hear some feedback from you within the next couple of days, no? ;)
  3. xBenHx

    xBenHx Member

    I've had my one x + for a couple of days now, the battery life is decent, but it does drain quite quickly when in use (I guess that's to be expected). Overall I'm fairly disappointed in the phone, performance when playing games is much worse than I expected (my s2 ran gta 3 fine, this lags and has no sound), which is why I'm ditching the ulp geforce in this, for the Mali 400mp in the s3 :)
  4. AndrizzleHD

    AndrizzleHD Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback. Not much of a gamer here but it's good to know this one might face some issues with certain games.
  5. paulrh

    paulrh Well-Known Member

    What does this mean? :confused:
  6. xBenHx

    xBenHx Member

    I'm going to be be getting the S3 instead, the ulp geforce is the graphics processor in the one x + and the Mali 400mp is the graphics processor in the S3.
  7. adders21

    adders21 Well-Known Member

    I'm loving the phone. Early days but I can't fault it. I've had a Desire for the last 2 years so I can see big improvements, loving the screen. The front camera is great too, ideal for Skype calls.

    As far as gaming goes I can't comment. The most I play is a quick game of Angry Birds!

    Battery life seems OK to me. It's an improvement on my Desire and as it's a new toy...sorry phone..... I have been playing with It more than normal.

    If I had to be picky, my only complaint is the amount of pre-installed apps. Put them on the phone if you must HTC but give me the option to delete them if I want.
  8. 1500cc

    1500cc Well-Known Member

    I'm also a Desire owner, waiting to move up to a OneX+ ... I wonder how many of us there are? At least in my thinking, these are two breakout phones from HTC, and given the time between their launches, it may be a natural progression for many people.

    Anyhow, how do you find the size? I like how the Desire slides easily into my pocket, and I can do almost everything with one hand. I'm almost thinking the OneX+ might be too big, but you never know until you have to live with it.

    Regarding battery life, I can make it through the day 95% of the time, even moreso now that I'm on CM7. I don't do a tonne of processor-intensive stuff. So if the OneX+ improves what I'm used to, it should be no problem.
  9. adders21

    adders21 Well-Known Member

    I too was a little concerned about the size.

    I have found that the One X+, although larger, is no more uncomfortable in my pocket. I would often jigger about with the Desire when I sat in my car or take it out my pocket completely. You can't get away from it though that it is bigger. I have one pair of jeans that it will not be comfortable in as my Desire only just fitted in.
    I think it's a trade off though. The bigger screen is a dream to use. My wife has my old Desire and it now seems like an old brick in comparison and that's after only a few days.
  10. Ccdesire

    Ccdesire Member

    After two faithful years with my desire and allot of research and patients I have gone for the one x+ and can't wait for it to be here! Hopefully gonna see a big difference in speed and smoothness!
    Currently acquiring accessories though not much out there specifically, does most of one x stuff work as know the htc one x car mount says it doesn't? Any other accessories a must???
  11. greatsnoring

    greatsnoring Well-Known Member

    Had my one X+ for a few days, having previously had a desire. Have found size no problem even though I was worried about this. Now the desire seems tiny and the keyboard very fiddly. Battery is big improvement on desire. Used to recharge in car because was flat by 3pm. (use wifi and bluetooth a lot) now 30-40% left at 6pm. VV fast. so much more space. signal at least as good as desire. A few probs reconnecting to Wifi but had this with desire so suspect because I have a wifi router and an extender and phone sometimes gets confused between 2. (Only problem at present is downloading sync manager see elsewhere for separate post).
  12. Paddy_R

    Paddy_R Member

    The stuff for the One X work just fine I've found. I bought a 'Rock' brand case and its fantastic, also went with 'Terrapin' screen covers which I can't fault either.
  13. Ccdesire

    Ccdesire Member

    Thanks, will def be looking into these. Had my one x+ 3 days now and WOW what a phone! So quick compared to my desire; on home wireless, 3g, apps, everthing is quicker and so smooth running! Finding battery life good too and a vast improvement and have at least 30% by end of day with normal amount of browsing and use.
    Only one annoying issue that I noticed yesterday; a pixel is blown and a constant white dot is in middle of screen no matter the background so have contacted company I bought it off and probably going to have to return and get new one as noticible to me (will drive me crazy)!
    But ove the phone and glad I stayed with HTC rather than get the new nexus which was my other option.
  14. consultant

    consultant Well-Known Member

    Just pre-ordered from AT&T. Curious how you can say you are glad you got it instead of the Nexus as obviously the Nexus wasn't available until today so you couldn't have used one to compare it to the HTC. Nexus 4 that is.

    Nexus 4 is an amazing price. $349 for an unlocked, no contract phone with similar specs. BUT, you need to get a 32GB micro SD to get it to 48GB and it doesn't have LTE, but HPSA+ ain't bad. I went with HTC as I'm not signing a 2-yr deal for a frickin 3G phone. Already had one of those past 2 years, called an iPhone 4. All the youngsters that want something new every 6-12 months will love the Nexus price though. That's why it sold out on day one.

  15. 1500cc

    1500cc Well-Known Member

    There's no external storage on the Nexus 4. 16GB is all you get.
  16. consultant

    consultant Well-Known Member

    Holy crap, you're right! No Nexus 4 for me. I've got 15GB in MP3/m4a'S alone! This thing is a toy with that kind of memory. Google must assume you are going to have a constant Wi-Fi or 3G connection to stream your music from Google Play (and not go over your carrier's data limit).
  17. Ccdesire

    Ccdesire Member

    Yer sorry what I meant was glad I stayed with htc as love sense and the familiar htc feel of my desire. Nexus 4 looks quality phone and price even better but not in position to buy out right so would have had to get same sort of contract as my one x+ which I got free.
  18. consultant

    consultant Well-Known Member

    I imagine you can't give a link showing the carrier offering it for free with contract? Assume you got some "special private deal?" I don't care what country you're in or which carrier.

  19. bigoldthor

    bigoldthor Member

    Picked mine up a few hours ago after falling in love with the HOX (for 12 days). That's how long I had it and knew I had to upgrade to the 64GB and Tegra3. My cases still fit, and I think Sense and Sense+ are fantastic. I know why everyone raved about it now.

    No word on battery life yet, but if it's anything like the HOX, I'll be thrilled. That thing would go much longer than the S3. And since I don't have LTE in my area (yet), it shouldn't be an issue at all. I do almost no gaming, so that should help, too. Besides, I'm compulsive about battery charging, so it's rare that I would ever have an issue.

    This phone (based on the HOX) is a home run for me. So solid, feels great in the hand, perfect size for me, and the screen is much better than the S3 was.
  20. Ccdesire

    Ccdesire Member

    Got it from mobilephonesdirect.co.uk on t mobile ,
  21. consultant

    consultant Well-Known Member

    Got mine. Love it hardware wise coming from iPhone 4 and Jelly Bean 4.1 is pretty good. Hate lack of configuration options for lockscreen. WidgetLock solved that but even with Tesla Unread Count Plug-in, still can't get unread counts on the phone and mail icons so have to go back to lame stock HTC lockscreen.

    Hate the Beats audio. Am turning it off permanently if I can.

    Battery drained quick! Comes to find a gazillion processes running. Have Carat running now to see give insight on what to watch for on battery drain. Will probably give JuiceDefender Plus a try after I've used the phone a few days and gotten use to 'regular' battery life. Get's pretty warm too! (Saw earlier posts warning about this) but only when you are working the phone hard and that is to be expected. Happened with my iPhone too, although not quite as hot (probably because this phone is so thin!)

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