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  1. oamster

    oamster Member

    Sent the phone in for repair a few weeks ago because I felt as if the glass screen was lifting up. They were a little hesitant to do the repair for free (physical damage) without the use of good words, but that's another story.

    Well, the phone is rooted, had adw launcher, super user app installed of course, id pack deleted, etc.

    I got the phone back today, it had a plastic screen protector on it. I removed it and booted it up and to my amazement it was still rooted. Almost 100% the way I left it when it was shipped out. And Samsung didn't say anything about having root!

    On the other hand, it still seems like the screen isn't glued well to the device..

    I'm assuming that everyone's phones are like this? Where it's circled in red seems like the glass is more 'raised' in comparison to the plastic edge along the other sides of the phone...


  2. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    I just snapped off my protecter casing to check.... sorry to say but my screen is nice and smooth n flush with the edge, no lift at all.
  3. oamster

    oamster Member

    The plastic edge doesn't sit higher than the glass?
  4. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    The plastic edge is at most .25 mimimeter higher than the glass all the way around ... At least on my phone.
  5. DirtyPeter

    DirtyPeter New Member

    I just got mine yesterday and it is the same as yours. On the left edge, especially near the bottom, but running to the top, my screen is flush with the edge and not a raised edge like it is on the right side of the phone.

    My device is also one that is having touchscreen sensitivity issues, does yours have that issue as well?

    Are you having touchscreen issues with your phone even though your screen isn't raised?
  6. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    yeah im having the touch problem, im sure all the ultra's are having this problem... if some one is not haveing the problem they should post.
  7. kyarty

    kyarty New Member

    i hate to be that guy but I haven't had (knock on wood) a sensitivity problem with my TU and the raised edge issue isn't there either. Same on my buddy's TU. However, both of us got our phones about a month ago (mid. late Nov.) maybe the things you guys are having problems with were specific to the first wave from the factories? that would be my only guess anyways.
  8. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    you could be right, got complaints and fixed the problem...

    do you have sprint or boost?

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