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Got my S2x for telus, which is TMOBILEGeneral

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  1. Steve Adams

    Steve Adams Well-Known Member

    Just got my new S2x....compared to my iphone4, the screen is sensational! now with the apps, im not sure about! we will see!

    now to download my apps I have on my tablet! sweet..

  2. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    I got my SGS2 about a week ago and I can't fathom using a sub 4" screen anymore. Good luck with your apps. :)
  3. andruoid

    andruoid Well-Known Member

    S2X here as well, I agree with you on the 4.5" screen, it's basically a mini tablet with 4G :) App-wise what are you looking for? The Market has enough quality apps that I'm sure you'll be happy. Enjoy the speed :)
  4. Steve Adams

    Steve Adams Well-Known Member

    Oh, I know the market has everything now. or almost everything. From 2years ago when I got my HTC hero its come a long way. I got an archos tablet a few weeks back and its going great...

    I also have an Iphone 4, there are a few apps I wish I could get on my Galaxy from that OS but no dice. Also, the bluetooth on the iphone KILLS the bluetooth on my galaxy.

    I never had to mess around with it on my iphone to connect to my jeep, but im constantly fiddleing with it on the galaxy just trying to get it to connect to the jeep so I can be hands free. that was the same way with the hero too.
  5. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Opposite for me. I had constant issues with static on blue tooth with my 4s (using blueant or jawbone). Bluetooth works great for me on my Telus S2 (running juggernaut and synergy kernel) :)

    Welcome to the forums!
  6. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    It may be the hands-free system in your Jeep. I've never had any problems connecting any phones (Android, WinMobile, and a Samsung Eternity feature phone) to mine or my wife's car. We both have 2011 Mitsubishi's.

    I know from the Mitsubishi forums that iOS 4 was not compatible with their system as the cars shipped in '10 and '11 but there is an update the dealer can apply to get them working ... and iOS 5 seems to work much better with them.
  7. juone95

    juone95 New Member

    Hey guys? How do i go about rooting my Telus G2X? I have 2.3.5 android version with a KJ3 build. Sorry. I am VERY new to android devices; I recently switched from Apple to this beauty.
  8. Steve Adams

    Steve Adams Well-Known Member

    I would say yes if it was all my phones acting but its only my droid phones. I have yet to see if the music transfers. I have to pick up my computer at the store. I sorta switched from apple, but I kept my ip4 and love that too. I have an adapter coming for my microsim, so I can use both phones when I want.

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