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Got one of these myself...General

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  1. murrayalex

    murrayalex Active Member

    Initial good points - lovely lovely form factor, thin, lovely non-slip coating, perfect fit in the hand, this thing is loud with the headphones in, good battery life for me, good signal reception
    Not so hot - can't connect to my home wifi (mac) when my laptop is using wifi, one or two strange freezes, not as quick as the latest Android devices (or my Xperia S as you'd expect)
    The camera is pretty decent in decent light. All in all I'd say a bit of a bargain at under

  2. jakeandlizzy

    jakeandlizzy New Member

    I got one of these on Saturday for my girlfriend, in White from Tescos where they are only
  3. murrayalex

    murrayalex Active Member

    If this thing had had a better processor, more n line with latest from the likes of HTC One or Xperia P, then it would have been a great phone and would have been worth paying an extra

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