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  1. AndroidFan420

    AndroidFan420 Well-Known Member

    turn of auto sync and background data keep wifi off when not in use do not use task killers or battery widgets they do more harm than good this should help i knows theres more u can do just cant think of it now oh and i turn the screen brightness all the way down yeah turn off gps this will help alot

  2. Named101

    Named101 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone. So I been using Zedge wallpapers and ringtones, I dled a few ringtones but when I try to send them using messaging from file manager I keep getting a fc with the messaging. Anyone else experiencing this. Would like to know why and is their a fix. Thank you.
  3. cait.bo.bait

    cait.bo.bait New Member

    I had zedge installed in mine and it worked for a little bit but evenutally FC on just about everything. If you're just using it for ringtones (not wallpapers) I would suggest installing Make a Ringtone MP3 PRO (from mick graten) from the market. It works great and I havent had any issues dowloading, creating or sending ringtones. Hope this helps!
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  4. supersean

    supersean Active Member

    Ok so my parents are giving my lil brother my phone for 2 weeks cause he's going to by and I really don't want him messing with my contacts texting random people on my phone so I want to know if there's a way to make him only be able to call people an them call him so is there a way to just lock all the other things on there other than calling
  5. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

  6. Ashleyh06

    Ashleyh06 Well-Known Member

    Try perfect app lock pro ;)
  7. ohsnapchelie

    ohsnapchelie Active Member

    im rooted through gingerbreak, running the official 2.2 update.
    im having a hard time getting my keyboard to come up, i switched to better keyboard 8 to try and avoid this problem, but its starting to happen again. anyone had/having this issue with any tips? :confused:
  8. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    sync your contacts with google and back em up to your sdcard. The move the backup to your PC. Add your lil brother a google acct to your phone, then delete your acct off the phone. When you get your phone back, add your acct back to your phone, del his acct, sync with google. If syncing doesnt work, the n put the backup on your sdcard and import.
  9. MommysDroid

    MommysDroid Well-Known Member

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has used juice defender and android assistant. Are these apps really any good and has anyone been able to use either or both together successfully? I have both installed and honestly I can't tell if they are doing anything to really extend battery life or free up memory. Should I keep them or just ditch em? Thanks:)
  10. dg61981

    dg61981 Well-Known Member

    this works. i downloaded it and unfortunately u have to turn off all rotations except 90 degrees, reboot and then u should be good. ive been runnin cm6 for 3 days straight now with autorotation still working. used to stop after a few hours. also if ur having mass reboots, change ur OC settings to 671 max/245 min on demand. no more rebooting. laters.
  11. spakky

    spakky New Member

    Long story short, I got a job at a local hotel and there's been a Cricket phone in the lost and found for a month or so. I took it in hopes of being able to make it work on Verizon. i haven't had a phone since february so i'm trying to make this one work..

    It seems easy but i'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to do it specifically Cricket to Verizon. I've looked on Google and all but it looks like everything is Verizon to Cricket, not the other way around.. so, if anyones done it before, where'd you do it at? if you did it yourself, what guide did you follow? any help or pointers is appreciated, i'm stumped
  12. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    This thread should have a bit of the info you're looking for, ignore the parts specifically mentioning the blackberry.

    FYI, your big problem is going to be getting Verizon to add your phone's ESN to their network, from other stuff I've read while researching this.
  13. ucraj510

    ucraj510 Well-Known Member

    so i went to their store, they said they CAN but they wont. they only flash phones that they sell or have sold for sprint network. like if the htc evo was on t mobile you cud flash it sprint cuz they sell evo at the store...oh well
  14. PRkid

    PRkid Well-Known Member

    *it worked great! Saved me a lot of time. Thank you!*
  15. cophase

    cophase New Member

    I had this same problem. I took it back to MetroPCS and they went into programming and found an error. My phone was programmed over the air, that is probably why. But now that is has been programmed correctly it doesnt do it anymore.
  16. Bsprout67

    Bsprout67 New Member

    I am getting an error message saying"the process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly". force close. It seems to be affecting my contacts,i am unable to access them:confused:
  17. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    reboot a couple of times, if that doesnt work then factory reset your device, (hope you backed up your ROM,SD files,and contacts somewhere.)
  18. Baddscorpio

    Baddscorpio New Member

    I have been ghosting this forum for a while and I have not been able to find anything dealing with the Huawei Ascend's trackball not working :( <-sad face

    I'm not sure if I am overlooking it or not, so any help would be greatly appreciated in helping me troubleshoot :)

    Thanks in advance!
  19. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome! The only time I can remember a trackball problem, they used alcohol and a Q-tip to clean around the ball. Have you tried re booting just in case its just a software glitch? Sorry I can't be more helpful. If all else fails, it should still be under warranty, since the phone hasn't even been out for a year yet.
  20. Baddscorpio

    Baddscorpio New Member

    Thanks G :)
  21. killswitch11

    killswitch11 Member

    its really annoying i have that same problem! after i upgraded to 2.2 froyo...now they just run instead of even giving you the option to save it. so yes I too would love some advice on how to save them again instead of automatically opening them...
  22. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    can hot rebooting your phone mess up the phone? like if you hot reboot it daily?
  23. alteredair

    alteredair New Member

    I just had some one give me there old cricket phone and would like to changs the service to the provider that I am currently using as this would be use verry little and the service is a prepay that just doesnot coust that much .02 text .05 talk .10 meg data

    how would I go about getting the msl for this phone

    huawei ascend m860
  24. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    I don't think you can but i heard of people flashing to different services. not sure, sorry
  25. kevinrubio

    kevinrubio Well-Known Member

    you guys try holding the video instead of tapping it?

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