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  1. raoulduke93

    raoulduke93 New Member

    Hey guys

    First of all, I am new to this whole phone root thingy - so please have patience with me..
    Recently I've decided trying to root my SE sk17i - long story short; went kinda bad...
    I installed a software called NeroDroid v.1 and after 20.000 attempts I finally got it working, some how. But the keyboard (which is a danish layout) didn't responde to the keys i pressed (ex. i pressed '.' and a '@' was written). So I began another journey out into the mighty jungle of android rooting and such. More attempts went by unsucceded and I decided to try and get the factory android back (were the keyboard software fits the layout). I have now wiped my whole phone with something called CWM, and now I'm left with a phone phone only containing a kernel that I've downloaded from somewhere i can't remember. I've tried numerous guides, probably every guide existing, on rooting and installing a sk17i, with no luck.
    I really hope someone in here can help/guide me to how I can get my phone working again, along with a fully functionally danish keyboard..

  2. snowman1

    snowman1 Member

    you could maybe try something called wotanserver, you will be able to put generic danish sony firmware on your phone, the only thing is, i am not sure if it will work with rooted phones, i thought about rooting when i got the phone, but then after a while i thought, why do i really need to do this, there was no reason to take the risk so all i did was changed my firmware instead. I changed it from mobistar software (belgian) to generic sony belgian firmware. works perfectly now.

    good luck
  3. raoulduke93

    raoulduke93 New Member

    Thank you, I'll try that :)
    I'll be back with the results
  4. raoulduke93

    raoulduke93 New Member

    That didn't work :(
    Maybe i should try calling my provider?

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