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Goto Lockscreen update--woot!

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  1. muab

    muab Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    May 22, 2010
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    For the last month or so I have been running GOTO for my lockscreen and I really like it a ton....except for one thing.

    Some people were complaining that pushing the "home" button could bypass your lock pattern etc.. but I found if my setting were all set correctly on my Mot Droid 1 that it never did that.
    But what WAS a problem for me was opening the slide-out keyboard...that DID bypass my lock pattern basically making my phone insecure.

    I still loved the lockscreen both in function and appearance so I kept it installed, emailed the Dev and complained about the problem.

    I got the latest update yesterday and I flogged it all afternoon trying to bypass the lock pattern without success.

    So at least on a D1 if you were shy of Goto before on the basis of security it looks like it is solid as a rock now.

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