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Gps and screenlock problem.Support

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  1. Xandarb

    Xandarb New Member


    So, I have this problem with my GPS on my brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 phone.
    I would like to put the Maps app on, lock the screen and drive away (I have a motorcycle, so the phone is in my pocket when I drive). When I then approach the destination (and not exactly knowing where to go next) I would like to take my phone and instantaneously know where I should go.

    Here is the problem: The GPS signal is always lost when I unlock the screenlock. Probably some fancy battery-saver that turns off the GPS when not needed :p.
    Is there any way to have constant GPS updating? I do realize that my battery will be drained quickly and I do have "unlimited" packet data available.

    Thank you!

  2. hectorj84

    hectorj84 Member

    I am stuck with the same issue, and no answers. The Samsung Stratosphere has the same issue. I switched to Verizon and I'm looking for a phone that doesn't have this issue.

    My friend's Droid X doesn't seem to have that issue. I used to do fine with my Samsung Galaxy Indulge as well, it would keep the GPS fix the entire time that I had the screen locked. I use it for hiking, so GPS on the whole time is a MUST to track my trail, but screen off is necessary to conserve battery.
  3. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

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