GPS doesnt work on RAZR. HELP!Support

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  1. ffackof

    ffackof New Member

    Today i noticed that all GPS servises didnt work at all (first time i start GPS on this phone). Standart maps just saing: "Searching your location" (i wait 25 minutes). I install "GPS status" and i only see grey dots, same on "GPS Test". Google eatrth, Yandex maps doesnt work too. HELP.

  2. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    did you enable the Gps in the settings menu?
  3. ffackof

    ffackof New Member

    for sure, i enable GPS, restart my phone, turn on/off other settings, but still same problem.
  4. pwjone1

    pwjone1 Member

    Smart actions is another app where it might be inadvertently turning off GPS. You might have a look there.

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