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  1. ooweirdoo

    ooweirdoo New Member

    My LG lucid's gps doesn't work on my running applications such as Nike+ and map my run. It always says the GPS is weak even though I am not in a big city. The weird thing is that my google maps works. Anyone have any ideas how to make the GPS work on my apps?

  2. sambena

    sambena New Member

    this has been bothering me for sometime.
    the solution is simple. you see most if not all cell phones have a service called agps that assist gps in finding your location. sometimes this file can be corrupt or outdated. the solution is easy. reset/update your agps.

    this can be done with most gps apps. I use gps test.
    in the app pull up the menu and select settings. (click the square button next to home) at the top you will see three buttons, one to upgrade and two for agps. first clear your agps then update agps. go back to main screen and wait for your gps to populate. you should notice a huge performance increase in any app that uses gps.

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