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  1. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    I've heard about (don't have an Android phone yet, but will be getting one soon's I get my tax refund) using Google maps and the Optimus M has the Metro Navigator and such. The phone has gps capabilities and so on. My question is whether this is a suitable substitute for a stand alone gps? We are planning on buying new phones and going with MetroPCS and getting a GPS with our tax refund this year. Any thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated.

    Al F.

  2. edgchacon

    edgchacon Well-Known Member

    The phone GPS seemed pretty good, but I am sure a standalone GPS might have better features like lane assist and turn by turn with street names that sort of thing.

    But if you don't need those things The navigation app works pretty well.
  3. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    It is not perfect, but pretty good. I suggest trying it out first before you buy the GPS unit. I think there are some better paid apps around, but if you are going to invest $, why not just get the real thing?
  4. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    Stand alone GPS is better. I use both actually. IF I just need a location I pull up my phone if I need a direction I pull up Garmin. You can buy a decent GPS for $80-90 now days.

    For your reference.

    -Phone GPS + Maps drain battery in no time.

    -Stand Alone GPS has a stand. Also even if you get a stand for Optimus M you are going to expose phone to sun way too much. Might damage your device.

    -Stand alone GPS finds satellite much faster.

    -Stand alone GPS has more user friendly UI.
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  5. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    Those are some good ideas. I plan on buying a car charger. In my line of work, I go from data center to data center to repair servers, so will be using my phone a lot and I planned from the beginning to get a car charger. I've seen phone cradles that fit into the vents on the dashboard. That will help with keeping it out of the sun.

    What I might just do is like UKCatFan suggested, and to try it out for a bit before I shell out the money for a stand-alone GPS.
  6. andyo70

    andyo70 Well-Known Member

  7. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    andyo70, good one. Thanks though. :)
  8. andyo70

    andyo70 Well-Known Member

    ya know ya want it! LOL =P

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