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  1. michaelburns

    michaelburns Member

    Never mind. I accidently stumbled on the solution. For some reason, when I launch an application that uses GPS, it pops up a google account sign-in request, but then I just back-arrow to clear the request and then have access to the app.

    Apparently my phone receives GPS signal, but it won't allow me to navigate without a data connection. I am quite disappointed, because GPS was the feature that I was most excited for my new phone to have, and the reason that I was willing to compromise my otherwise minimalistic attitude toward cell phones (and pay $200 for the thing).

    Is there any way to enable satellite navigation (without a data connection)? For example, is there some app that I can install (from Garmin, say) that is willing to interpret the satellite signal for me without using google maps? Or, does anyone know how I can access the raw signal so that I can write my own app that will at least show me lat and lon so that I can be confident that it is using the satellites.

    (BTW, I have changed the various crypticly described check boxes regarding GPS and data connections in every combination, so I don't think that this is a matter of an unchecked box.)

  2. michaelburns

    michaelburns Member

    OK, I thought that I resolved my problem, but no. Does anyone suggest an alternative to google maps.

    What I don't like about google maps:
    - almost no information; just a pretty picture of my location
    - no access to basic information (lat and lon, saved track, etc.)
    - no way to get rid of the onscreen zoom buttons and search bar
    - pathetic excuse for a maximum zoom level - runs perpetually in the background; refuses to stop

    What I love about my 12-year-old Garmin receiver:
    - access to more information that I care about
    - simple/direct saving of waypoints and track logs
    - a map scale (what a novel centuries-old idea)
    - customizable disply layout
  3. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

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