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Gps help on galaxy wSupport

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  1. 13apoel

    13apoel Member

    i wonder if anyone can help me..I love my galaxy w but i have a serious problem with the gps..when i use wi-fi and data packet i get a lock in seconds..but when i use only gps then i never can get a lock.I mean i have this phone for a month and i have never managed to get a lock without wi-fi or packet data..i hve tried downloading many apps like gpsfix but i get nothing.also with the gpstest i can never find a satelite..can it be a hardware issue?thank you for your reply in advance

  2. CullyJoker

    CullyJoker Member

    Are you using it outside? I get a fix very quickly outside but very rarely get a fix indoors unless I'm right next to a window.
  3. 13apoel

    13apoel Member

    i have tried it outside more tha a few times but i never seem to get any fix
  4. roverboo

    roverboo New Member

    havin the same problem wit my wonder.GPS just can't get a fix, inside out outdoors...unless I go on wifi or 3g..any suggestions?
  5. bear475

    bear475 New Member

    GPS first time user, turn On the gps for more than 15 min or so. It should be done outside of a building. If u are in car, leave the mobile phone on top of the dashboard by the side of ur windscreen. It would ease to detect and lock the satellite.
  6. jomz878

    jomz878 Member

    yea same problem here :) btw i had solution ... open ur wifi and gps.. then open map.. after gps lock ... turn off ur wifi .. then leave gps on.. :)

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